Brooklyn’s birthday wish comes true – a Persian kitten

Birthday girl with her Persian kitty
Birthday girl with her Persian kitty
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Six-year-old Brooklyn’s mom works at a veterinary surgery. Brooklyn had asked for a kitten for her birthday but mom had said no. I guess she was mindful of what can happen when parents give their child a kitten for a birthday present: the gift carries a lifetime of responsibility. A gift of a kitten is not solely for that pleasurable moment when the gift is received. It goes on for 15 years or more sometimes. There is a ton of pleasure and with that an equal amount of caring and responsibility.

When Brooklyn’s mom was working at the clinic, a Persian cat gave birth. Two of the litter survived. One had a heart problem. I’ll make another guess and say that this little Persian had an uncertain future born with a health condition. She decided it was a God given opportunity to satisfy her daughter’s desires.

Sometimes gifts of kittens to six-year-old children can work out great, can’t they? If the child has her head screwed on right and is aware of the commitment and has accepted it then she can learn so much from caring for a cat. The outcome can be excellent for cat and child alike.

There is the danger than the parents end up caring for the cat. Also as children grow up they get involved with other things and so on. Their lives are less predictable and stable. Cats need routine. I am not sure children can provide that but no doubt some can and do.

The kitten is a contemporary, flat-faced Persian – a bicolor; red and white it appears. That is another discussion! Flat-faced Persians can have inherited health problems. This charming kitten may have a difficult life health-wise.

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  1. A lovely video of a gentle little girl who is going to grow up to be a kind, cat loving person. The kitten is gorgeous, I hope they have many happy years together.

    • Some young children can be wise and sure of their own ideas. I remember a girl of about 12 years of age who became a vegetarian and was completely sure of what she was doing. I am certain she still is vegetarian.


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