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Brooklyn’s birthday wish comes true – a Persian kitten — 14 Comments

  1. A lovely video of a gentle little girl who is going to grow up to be a kind, cat loving person. The kitten is gorgeous, I hope they have many happy years together.

    • Some young children can be wise and sure of their own ideas. I remember a girl of about 12 years of age who became a vegetarian and was completely sure of what she was doing. I am certain she still is vegetarian.

  2. HAHAHAHA great kitten and real lovely company.

    First I was thinking about Gabriel’s video to come, hope sooner or later.
    Have a great time 😉

  3. I think, for this little girl’s first cat, she shows a lot of maturity in the way she handles him. Not all 6 year olds should be gifted with a cat if they are immature or haven’t already been born into a household filled with animals.
    A very touching video.

      • No need to apologise for a rare slip-up Michael.

        Lord knows there’s many a time I wish I’d proof read my own comments first (lol).

        • These days after 8 years working on the site every day 24/7 I can get a bit careless sometimes. PoC guest writers have their articles proof read by me! Yet no one is around to proof read my stuff. I dearly wish there was. I generally pause for an hour after writing and recheck it. I re-read the article about five times 😉 . And still miss errors!

  4. I like how the little girl handled the kitten very gently and didn’t try to grab or confine it. She was obviously genuinely thrilled to get a kitten so I hope they have many happy years together ahead of them.

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