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Brown Classic Torbie Siberian Cat — 7 Comments

  1. My first thought when I saw Gemma was “Now there is a proper cat.” Siberians of the Americas look bred to me. I think a lot of our NFC do as well. Taking from the more natural breeding lines was obliviously a brilliant move. She is healthy, good tempered and beautiful. I love her rounded chin, tuft ears and kind eyes. Thanks for sharing her pictures Michael.

    • “Now there is a proper cat.”

      I think that is a very good observation. I had similar thoughts. I don’t like over-engineered cats. I like them natural and strong looking.

      • In 2004 Dr. Irina Sadovnikova (WCF Int. All Breed Judge) wrote an article for a Russian cat fancy magazine on the history of the Siberian. It makes for very interesting reading and threw up a few surprises I wasn’t anticipating.

        Her opinion was that many Americans breed for roundness. Europe started off with poor stock, but have improved sufficiently to bring the cat up to favoured standards. Too much roundness (both facially and physically) is not considered good because it’s too similar to Persian.

        British breeders it seems had got it just right in terms of matching the standard used in Russia to breed the ideal “type” of Siberian.

          • I wouldn’t say you were wrong Michael. What I gleaned from Dr. Sadovnikova’s article is that the Siberian has a confusing history and it would seem that even in Russia there was disagreement as to what physical traits defined the breed in the early days.


            Gemma is a beautiful example of a Siberian and I’m pleased to see the more natural looking breeds becoming popular. Perhaps the public are gradually turning away from “over-typed” breeds?

  2. Thank you for sharing about Helmi’s techniques. A lot goes into studio shots of people and animals. Animals can be more challenging because we can’t communicate with them vebally.

    Although I had a studio at one time, I only used it for people. Most of my cat shots weren’t planned, although I usually had my camera handy, just in case an opportunity presented itself.

    • I think with Helmi the key to her success is her husband Ken. He devised the whole set up and he wrangles the cats. Shame he is a rather unpleasant person in my opinion. With cats there is a time limit for each session and it is about 10 mins.

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