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Brown Tabby Maine Coon Family — 8 Comments

  1. Recently lost my Big Boy brown tabby Maine coon cat giant but so lovable teddy bear
    would do anything to find another like him .Actually looking for an adult up to 3 yrs.old
    any help would be greatly.

  2. Wow, the face of the male reminds me of my Nicky. I LOVE that big upper maw look (where the whiskers come out). The larger they are the wider the upper maw seems to be, making them look like lions a bit. He had short hair like the female and was a mackerel as well. I love the kitten. He looks to be between 14-18 weeks? Hard to age by a photo. 🙂

    It’s amazing on how well they fit together. I’ll take them all!

    Great pix. thank you

    • Hi Dan, thanks for the comment. Helmi takes great cat photographs and see meets great cats! It is quite rare to see a family of three Maine Coons in one photograph and so nicely arranged by Ken Flick, who as you know wrangles the cats into position. An important role indeed.

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