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Bruce the cat: The heartwarming rescue story of a “color changing” kitten — 6 Comments

  1. Bruce is a beautifully simple name. He’s very good looking too… way cute for a boy, and I recall my cat Nifty whom I said that about as well. Interesting about “fever coat”; I don’t remember if I’ve heard of that before.

      • Very sweet, thank you. Unfortunately Nifty died Feb. 2009, and I wish I had better photos of him; he had very fine features and manner. He was more graceful, prim and proper than any female I’ve known. Such a pretty boy. Clemmy is very pretty too. Oh geeze they all are, huh?

        • Clemmy is very feral. She was known as the cat from hell at the Humane Society when she was spayed. The night we brought her home there was a thunderstorm and she started shaking so hard we thought she’d die. She’s also terrified of hail and sleet. She has turned into a wonderful indoor cat and loves to play with circle toys and toy mice. I can even manage to pet her back at times. Ferals can learn to live indoors if you have patience with them.

          They’re all beautiful and even the strange looking ones are beautiful.

          • I agree. I think cats are extraordinarily sensitive, calculating and honest. They do the best they can considering their ability to deal with us is hampered by our inability to to deal with them, in general. We have to remember that they don’t speak our language, and we don’t speak theirs’ very well, hence it takes a lot of patience on both sides to meet trustingly in the middle. I’ve been working on gaining the trust of a feral in my neighborhood, hampered by my neighbor’s belief that I’m a lunatic for liking cats in the first place. I can’t even follow my own cats around without them calling the police on me. So I have to wait for this cat to venture near my house for brief interactions. I really need to move to where I can work with animals. And yes, I also think they’re all beautiful. I’ve never met a cat I didn’t like.

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