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BS – “Laser Declawing Makes Declawing Safe and Humane” — 13 Comments

  1. I hope people boycott this cold hearted clinic I really do.
    “Scratching can be a problem” he says to encourage cat owners to let him butcher their cats.
    It’s not the scratching a problem it’s the people who can’t be bothered to think a cat scratches for a purpose who are the problem and the rotters like this vet who cash in on those people by removing their “problem” thus adding more dollars to their ill gotten gains.
    Laser declawing more humane I think not.
    The only humane thing is to leave cats paws alone so put that in your pipe and smoke it “doctors” Pat and Kim and get yourselves jobs in an abbatoir where you can chop bits off animals to your hearts content.

  2. When are they going to just sod off. Declawing is a recent invention and bloody illegal everywhere in the world. What part of ‘no shame’ don’t they get – they have no shame. They are arrogant and don’t care that it’s considered abuse elsewhere.

    Furthermore – whether it hurts the cat or not is almost beside the point.

    ITs just WRONG to change the physical nature of any animal like that. IT’s so obvious. What a bunch of arrogant cruel shameless bastards they must be to be lying to themselves and convincing others that it’s somehow ok to do in any form.

  3. Super article, Michael.
    I agree with Ruth AKA. I think naming names should be done whenever possible. Let’s keep putting these butchers on “front street”.
    Ironically, at first glance, their building looked like a small church or chapel to me. Perhaps that’s their intention.

  4. Thank you Michael for naming and shaming these vets!
    This clinic is blatantly advertising supposed to be last resort surgery for serious scratching behaviour! Well personally I don’t think there is ever any excuse to blame a cat for scratching, it’s always the caretaker at fault. Anyone who can’t teach a cat to use a scratching post or pad is not fit to have a cat in their home.
    This is convenience declawing they are offering for furniture lovers and it’s disgusting!
    They sell laser declawing as humane, less painful…so they admit it DOES cause pain ! They forget to mention the cat will be disabled for life. They deny it causes problems, they are running scared because do you know what…they are removing our anti declaw educational comments ..they don’t want the truth to be known that laser declawing is as cruel as any other method.
    These vets are breaking their sworn oath to cause no animal to suffer for one reason only ….MONEY!

    • The fact that they don’t publish your comments tells me that they are cynically exploiting the slack approach by the AVMA and know what they are doing. I think it is one of the most cynically commercial veterinary websites I have visited. It is a horrible page. I hope this PoC page rises to the top on a Google search and forces them to rewrite their webpage. At least that.

      • At least three comments were immediately removed, it’s so obvious they want the truth hidden!
        I’ve shared this article far and wide, yes lets get it to the top in a google search and show them what we all think of their cruel money making ‘humane’ surgery

  5. Agree, cats do damage furniture as have my cats,especially soft cushions, a natural inherent tendency and the uniqueness of being a cat .Some cats can be trained to scratch and sharpen their claws on a particular part of the house.If your cat has a particular habit of scratching on a particular furniture in your house then you could re-locate that furniture.I have personally tried this with my 2 cats and it did improve their behaviour.If pet owners like keeping a pet which will not damage their furniture then its better they chose some other pet amongst the numerous pets available at “Pet Shops”.”DE-CLAWING” a cat is the worst form of cruelty to the animal as it loses its natural instincts and is no longer a normal cat but a humanized cat.

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