Bubbles: a novel way to play with your cat

Bubbles as a source of entertainment for domestic cats and dogs
Bubbles as a source of entertainment for domestic cats and dogs. Screenshot from video.
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I have just discovered flavoured cat and dog bubbles that don’t disappear when they hit the ground, which means they can be attacked when they land. Cats and dogs love them. They stimulate play. If you can get cats to play with little fuss you are on to something good for cat welfare.

I like this product because it can help overcome the barrier to a play session with your cat. They need these play sessions.

Note: over a period of time videos such as the one above tend to stop working. If that has happened I’m sorry but I can’t really control it as I don’t know if it has occurred.

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However, I can see one minor downside. If you use them inside – which is where they are particularly useful in stimulating indoor cats – do they leave a mark on the hard floor or the carpet when they eventually disappear after they have landed?

They must dissolve eventually. As they are made of water, soap and flavourings there are substances in the bubbles which logically must be deposited on the floor after the water has evaporated. Do they stain the floor? Just an idle thought.

For some house proud people it might be a problem. Except for that little niggle (for me) I like the idea. Anything to encourage play between cat and human caretaker.

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