Budget Cat Food USA

by amber mcentire
(payson az)

Feeding kitty a raw diet is no doubt the best. But very expensive and time consuming.

A general rule of thumb is to avoid soy, corn and wheat & byproducts in cat food.

The least expensive I’ve seen is Blue Buffalo here at Paysons AE Pet store.

And Costco makes a high quality brand “maintenance cat” in a whopping 25lb bag for only $17. A true bargain.

Hope this is helpful to anyone on a budget trying to feed kitties!


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Budget Cat Food USA

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Jan 12, 2012 Healthiest food gives Monty diarrhea
by: Ruth (Monty’s Mom)

I tried all the healthiest foods for Monty, but every time, no matter how gradually I introduce it or how long he’s on it, he has diarrhea. I think it’s all the vegetables in the healthy food– maybe too much fibre for his system, or maybe he has an allergy to cranberries or one of the other seemingly super healthy ingredients.

I heard of potential problems with Purina One having had a recall and them some people posting online that their cats were sick from that food. Monty puked a lot when he was getting Purina One dry food.

Elisa said none of her cats puke from eating Nine Lives. I’ve been giving Monty Nine Lives and sure enough, he hasn’t puked it up even once since he’s been on it. He only gets dry when I’m not home, or he might get a little when he won’t stop begging for a treat and I can’t take the whining anymore. It’s not a daily part of his diet. I agree that Science Diet isn’t very good. I read the label and rejected it. I’m grateful for the tip on Nine Lives. It may be junk food, but the case can be made that the best food for your cat is the one that stays in your cat.

I wonder if other readers have had the diarrhea issue with food that is obviously superior according to the label.

Jan 12, 2012 save money on vet bills too
by: AmberMcEntire

I wish people took the time to do research and read their labels. You really do get what you pay for. Here are some more helpful tips:
A high quality cat food like Blue Buffalo’s “wilderness” is going to cost more than a bag of something like 9 lives or”special kitty” from Wal*Mart, (which I like to call cat junk food)and that is where a lot of people stop listening to me. But here is what most people don’t know:

-Kitty will eat a lot less of the high quality food because it’s dense with meat & nutrients. So bag vs bag, it comes out to not a huge cost difference. At least for my female cat she eats a lot less of the good stuff.

-Your dog or cat’s behavior will change. For the better. Just like humans, when our pets eat well they feel phenomenal!

-A nutrient rich diet for your cat means less shedding, a lot more tolerable litter box. No more diarrhea looking stuff that can clear a room but a nice solid stool only once a day. And a healthy weight wich in turn decreases kidney disease and diabetes. My Sissy has medium to long hair and has never shed at all.

So do your research. Expensive doesn’t mean better. I know many people swear by science diet but most of their products I’ve seen are low quality in my opinion. Read the labels! Go buy a bag of good stuff for your kitties and watch them become more playful and happy.

Jan 12, 2012 Thanks
by: Michael

Hi Amber, thanks for taking the time to pass on your experiences.

In these financially difficult times for some, budget cat food of decent quality is useful.

The USA provides amazing value for money in respect of food, for cats and people. And the range is enormous.

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