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Bug-eyed calico kitten’s hair strands remind me of Van Gogh’s brush strokes

Her name is Zinnia.

Gorgeous bright big-eyed calico kitten. Photo: Cats of Instagram.

Van Gogh self-portrait.

There is a faint similarity of the brush strokes and the sharp hair strands of the calico kitten combined with the ginger, black and white colouring of the calico cat which are tortoiseshell-and-white cats. They are almost always female as the coat is sex to the gene which determines the gender of the cat. My friend lives with a tortoiseshell cat. She is quite the madam getting her way. The experts say that that calico cats have catitude. All torties have catitude anecdotally (a feline attitude problem!). I don’t know if it is true.

Dr Desmond Morris says that the tortoiseshell male cat is neither fully male nor fully female. And he argues that all male tortoiseshell cats are feminine. Also, no tortoiseshell cat has ever fathered a litter of kittens (they are sterile). He described a male tortoiseshell cat as having a rather strange personality. The cat was “nonchalant” in his dealings with other cats.


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