Bug Jar Cat Toy

bug in a jar cat toy

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The “bug jar cat toy” above is entirely home made, of course. I wonder if it is as good as the commercially manufactured version featured below, from the cat’s point of view.

We buy toys that we find attractive to us. We don’t buy it on the basis that (visually) it might look attractive to our cat.

The homemade one is a cricket in the jug – simple. The commercial one, available on Amazon is remote controlled.

bug in a jar cat toy

The above photo is copyright the manufacturer1.

Below is the Amazon linked image, if you are considering buying one. I must say that the price seems very reasonable. It requires 4 AAA batteries (not included) and the remote is “long range”.

The only worry that I would have with cat toys like this is that the cat might tire of it rather quickly and thereafter, like all toys for children or cats, it will find itself stored away somewhere until is it ejected from the home!

That said it makes a nice present for a person who thinks that their cat is bored and would like to do something about it.


1. The publishing of this photo here enhances the author’s commercial position and therefore fair use is argued.

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