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Bulgaria’s green cat must be trapped and cleaned professionally — 10 Comments

  1. What a shame the poor thing but he looks surprisingly healthy. I hope someone cleans him up to stop him licking the paint off although they will need to get the paint out of the garage as well.

  2. Yes-this place we call home leaves a lot to be desired.So an animal gets painted and someone is taking photo’s for their album?
    I just do not see why this is amusing? I will pray for the cat. If I were there he would be taken to a vet.

  3. Oh, dear god.
    I’m a little lost here, because I don’t know if Bulgaria cares at all about animals not meant for consumption.
    Or, do they consume? I don’t know anymore.
    My world has been blown apart knowing what some people put on dinner platters.

    • I don’t think Bulgaria is that concerned about the welfare of stray cats. They are not known for eating cats. In general and without being racist or whatever, Eastern European states are not good on cat welfare. They are rather basic places.

  4. I agree-This poor cat is just trying to keep warm. He will succumb to the ingested paint eventually and may even be suffering now.I do not see any one rushing to his rescue?

    He needs to be cleaned and detoxed by a professional veterinarian and assistant.

    Someone Help this green cat return to normal Please_We have enough to entertain us.This is very serious for the animal to have to live with.

    • Eva, like you it surprises me that people write about this cat as if he is some sort of tourist attraction when he should have been cleaned up ages ago and the garage emptied of paint. What is so hard about that? Sometimes I despair at the human race.

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