Bull brutally gores young man who taunted the animal in a Spanish bull run celebration

This is a stark example of karma befalling a frankly idiotic young man who is playing the macho character in messing around with a bull as it runs down a street in, presumably, Spain where they like to have bull run celebrations. In the celebrations, as you might know, young men dare to take great risks in running before the bull or, as is the case in this example, a young man grabs hold of the bull’s horns in a daredevil, macho act of madness and pays an incredibly heavy price.

Why have I published this article about a bull run celebration on a cat website? Good question. There is a connection obviously because this is about an animal which is being abused by silly people. This is about the attitude of the people which will be projected onto other animals and sometimes those animals will be domestic and feral cats.

And this particular form of animal abuse infuriates me to be frank. It needs to be aired on this website where I hope Google will find it in search results so that it gets read by a reasonable number of people who learn to see the madness and unpleasantness of these celebratory bull runs. What in heavens name are they celebrating? They might not even realise what it is.

Bull run
Bull run madness. Screenshot.
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Please click this link to see the video.

He is gored, violently thrown and bashed around by the bull to within an inch of his life. We don’t know how badly injured he was. He managed to hop a couple of steps to a nearby door, hobbling but my guess is that he was very badly injured and after the film ends, he was almost certainly taken to hospital. There were so many instances within that brief and dramatic event where he could have been badly injured or killed. His injuries might be critical and they might have been fatal for all I know.

It looks horrible, gruesome and frankly disgusting but I feel that I need to put it on this website as a lesson. To highlight the madness of these ancient bull celebrations. It is truly time for them to stop and for Spain to have a better relationship with animals. Bullfighting is well past its sell by date.

But the Spanish tend have a rather brutal if I may say so attitude towards animals. They seem to enjoy sport hunting for instance. To someone like me, an outsider, they look a little backward in attitude. What we see in the video looks like it’s something that happened a hundred or more years ago but it is happening today in the 21st century.

I know that it is an ancient tradition and tradition is very important in many countries and perhaps particularly in Spain. But there must be a limit to it. It isn’t just about the health and welfare of these young men which is badly jeopardised but it is also about the bull. This is animal cruelty. No question about it. Has anybody asked how the animal feels? What are the emotions that this bull is experiencing? Is the bull experiencing any emotions? Certainly anger. It just looks very cruel to me. Both humans being cruel to the animal and the animal instinctively defending themselves and being aggressive towards the humans.

Karma: WebMD provides this definition: Hinduism identifies karma as the relationship between a person’s mental or physical action and the consequences following that action. It also signifies the consequences of all the actions of a person in their current and previous lives and the chain of cause and effect in morality.

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