Burmese And Russian Blue Cross

by Sharna

Hi, I own a beautiful cat named Opal, she’s a 2nd generation new breed of cat that was developed by breeding the Burmese with the Russian blue.

The problem is I can’t recall the name of the breed, I’d ask the breeders but I don’t have any contacts and can’t afford to visit since it’s in a different state. So has anybody heard about this breeding and or possibly know the name?

Also If you wish to see pictures their on my Deviantart account, so here’s one of them of the gorgeous girl:

Russian blue and Burmese cross cat breed

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Photo copyright: Sharna.


Hi Sharna… thanks for visiting and asking. You have what looks a bit like a blue lynx pointed Siamese cat but this is not a Siamese cat.

Nothing springs to my mind. This may be an unregistered Australian breed that is yet to be accepted by the cat registries.

I would like to know myself and I will do some work on this.


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3 thoughts on “Burmese And Russian Blue Cross”

  1. Hey Michael thanks for reaching out. I guess its the amount of online research that has me noticing that particular cats have less Fel D1 like the Russian Blue, Burmese and Siberian. I had a quick look at the links and it seems you also have some interesting articles with research material – I found this one very exciting- “it’s perhaps fair to say that of all the domestic cat breeds, the Siberian is the only one which appears to be hypoallergenic. There is conflicting data on it but this useful study supports the view that it is somewhat hypoallergenic at least and therefore may suit people who are allergic to cats.” I have also waited nearly 10yrs for the perfect cat (since my fur baby died of old age) for my family so I’m not taking this process lightly at all. I really just want a cat that my kids can snuggle with at night and not go into fits of coughing and sneezing.

  2. Hi can I please get your breeders details? My kids have massive allergies and I would love this mix of cat!
    I can’t find any one online – I live in sydney NSW but willing to travel anywhere.
    My kids have been asking for a cat for 5 straight yrs but I need as close to a hypoallergenic cat as possible.

    1. Hi Jessie. Thanks for posting. I am the owner of this site. Why do you believe that this cat ‘breed’ is hypoallergenic (won’t cause an allergic reaction)? It is not. Sorry to be so blunt. No domestic cat is hypoallergenic. You can read more on this if you like:


      Your best solution is to adopt a female moggie and feed them with Purina Live Clear cat food plus some high-quality wet cat food. And take other precautions.

      Females produce less Fel D1 allergen. Live Clear works fairly well I am told. Good luck.

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