Burmese And Russian Blue Cross

by Sharna

Hi, I own a beautiful cat named Opal, she’s a 2nd generation new breed of cat that was developed by breeding the Burmese with the Russian blue.

The problem is I can’t recall the name of the breed, I’d ask the breeders but I don’t have any contacts and can’t afford to visit since it’s in a different state. So has anybody heard about this breeding and or possibly know the name?

Also If you wish to see pictures their on my Deviantart account, so here’s one of them of the gorgeous girl:

Russian blue and Burmese cross cat breed
Photo copyright: Sharna.


Hi Sharna… thanks for visiting and asking. You have what looks a bit like a blue lynx pointed Siamese cat but this is not a Siamese cat.

Nothing springs to my mind. This may be an unregistered Australian breed that is yet to be accepted by the cat registries.

I would like to know myself and I will do some work on this.


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