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Burmese Cat Health — 4 Comments

  1. Goodday,

    This problem with Burmese has in fact worstened and in an article was produced by Professor Leslie Lyons University of Missouri, the genetic problems have spread too the rest of the world. Resulting in action being taken by using Thai-Born cats that conform too Burmese standards and that test negative for the 10 known genetic diseases affecting Burmese. Being used in outcrossing programmes too improve genetic diversity and improved hybrid vigour and so reduce the risk of genetic disease being perpetuated. Kind Regards denis jansen Mapantsula cattery Cape Town South Africa

  2. Hi!

    Please check the website for info about midline defect in european burmese.

    Also: isn’t meningoencephalocele the same as the head defect you mension later in the text?


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