Burmese Cat Most Likely to Defend His Territory

This is a very short note in which I will state that it is said that the Burmese cat is the most likely to pro-actively defend his/her territory. I have never heard this before and the source of information is Dr Bruce Fogle who as you may remember is a well-known veterinarian/author. This cat breed comes from the Far East and it is thought that the breed has a very long history. There is Siamese in the Burmese cat. The American Burmese is different from the UK version. The first Burmese was imported into the USA in 1930. You can read more about this breed by clicking on this link.

Burmese cat

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Does anyone have any experience of the proactive defensive nature of this well-known cat breed? I would think that it is possibly not true but it would be nice to hear from people who look after a Burmese cat.

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