Burmese Cat Personality

The Burmese cat is friendly and relaxed. You will find that different authors have slightly different descriptions of the Burmese cat personality. Gloria Stevens a well-known cat breed expert says that the Burmese cat is a happy-go-lucky-taking-everything-in-stride cat!

Sable Burmese "Lorenzo"

Sable Burmese “Lorenzo”

The Burmese are said to be a very sociable cat. Here are some further personality traits of the Burmese:

  • Love to be around people
  • Demands love (attention?)
  • Affectionate and good company
  • Vocal and talkative
  • Loud voice!
  • Will let you know what he/she wants.

Dr Fogle makes an interesting point about the Burmese cat personality. He writes that Burmese are the “thugs of the cat world” as they are the most likely to proactively defend their territory. Get that….

PS-not all individual cats of a cat breed have exactly the same personalities. It would be foolhardy to believe that. Therefore a description of the personality traits of a cat breed must take into account variables between individual cats and there will be a variation from breeder to breeder. The best thing to do is to meet your new cat companion before living together (i.e. before buying him/her).

There were no Burmese cats in Burma!!

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