Lilac female European Burmese made in Moscow Russia

Lilac female European Burmese made in Moscow Russia. Photo and breeder: Юлия Ланцова (Moscow, Russia).

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This cat’s name is Violeta. She was born on 26 August 2020. She lives in Moscow, Russia and was bred by her owner who lives in that city.

She is a lilac -coloured Burmese with a beautifully coordinated eye. colour. The eye colour is golden and the breed is called the “golden-eyed brown beauty” by the cat fancy although lilac is not quite brown!

The body shape of the Burmese varies from country to country. In some countries this cat breed has a longer body and legs which makes it quite different to those cats bred in the United states.

In Australia, apparently, the cat is described as a foreign type (slender) whereas the American standard demands a round, cobby, small but heavy cat.

This is why I have a picture of a European Burmese on a page (click on the link above the photograph please) which is essentially about the American Burmese cat.

This cat has a champion pedgiree:

Mother ~ Editakiss Wendy Champion breed.
Father ~ Editakiss Elvis King of Rock’n’Roll
WCF World Champion, Double Master WCF.
Grand Supreme on ICU system.

My thanks to The Legacy of the Cat.