Burn Victim Finds Kindred Spirit in Cat who Survived Serious Burns

This is the story of a burned kitten in Colorado who found a forever home in a kindred spirit. Although the adoption took place last month, we all need a happy ending to balance out the horror stories we read daily concerning cats. Not many cats are as fortunate as a cat named Phoenix. Warning: Tissue alert as this one will make you cry.

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Phoenix was only ten months old when she was found in November 2015 outside a laundry room. She was covered in burns received from huddling underneath a dryer to stay warm. Phoenix was taken in by Dumb Friends League (DFL), a non-profit animal welfare organization that serves communities across Colorado.

Phoenix right after burned
Phoenix right after burned

No one stepped up to claim Phoenix, and DFL made sure Phoenix received treatment for her injuries, which included removal of her burned skin and reconstruction to her ears. Despite the pain Phoenix was in she was a loving cat to her rescuers. Once healed, it was time for Phoenix to find her forever home. That home came in January when a woman named Gloria heard about Phoenix on the news. Gloria knew the ordeal this sweet cat had gone through, as Gloria was burned on her neck, face and hands when she was 16 years old. 

The original CBS Denver story that ran November 13 can be found by clicking here. Below is the happy ending video showing Gloria and Phoenix.

Gloria wasn’t the only one to view the news story. Her daughter saw it as well and insisted Gloria would be the perfect mom for little Phoenix. Their first meeting was fate. Gloria says of her relationship with her new cat

 “We’re kindred spirits. When something is meant to be, the world gets real small.”

Phoenix and adopter
Phoenix and adopter Gloria

Those who witnessed the first meeting between the two soul mates knew it was a perfect match, as Phoenix was already settled down, dozing and purring in Gloria’s lap. Gloria knew her life wouldn’t be complete unless she took this little survivor home with her. She renamed her new kitty Rosebud for the shape of her little pink ears.

Do any of the readers have a kindred spirits story as to the circumstances their cat joined the family? Please leave a few paragraphs in the comment section.

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6 thoughts on “Burn Victim Finds Kindred Spirit in Cat who Survived Serious Burns”

  1. My cat rarely sleeps in my bed with me, and never by herself. We do have a little ritual that I started, and she responds to. If she’s meowing to get out, I lay down on my bed, on my back, and call her up. Sometimes it takes a few minutes, but then she jumps up on my chest. Sometimes, it’s only for a few minutes, but other times, like yesterday afternoon, we both ended up falling asleep for about an hour. I treasure this special time with her, and it’s a great diversion from meowing to go out. Other times I distract her with interactive play, or just some lap time, after telling her softly “no, no, no.”

  2. I felt the same way about Sealy. When I saw his photo on the Greenville shelter Facebook page I contacted them immediately and told them I’d come get him in a few days. You should have seen him when he first went into the cage we bought him to keep him from injuring his ear further.The fan blade had cut in all the way to his skull, taking his left ear with it. At first he’d wait at the back of his cage when we put food in it for him. Then he’d slowly come to the front and eat every bite. He was 5 pounds when we adopted him and he’s around 9 pounds four years later. His anniversary will be February 24. He runs his own Facebook page where there are hundreds of photos of him with his cat friends. A lot of those cats have gone on to new homes, with Oozy being the latest to be adopted out.

    Sealy has turned into a lap kitty. I never thought that would happen. The Greenville shelter has a different vet there now. I feel sure if he’d been injured and taken there at this point in time he’d have been killed.


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