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Burned habitat forces mountain lions in Santa Barbara to feed on feral cats — 5 Comments

  1. I live in Ventura county so this is almost literally my backyard. And coincidentally I’ve been in discussion with neighbors about local wildlife. Habitat loss has always been a growing problem for the animals, the big fires making it worse here in a hurry. Apex predators also now in our backyards include bears and supposedly wolves too (though rare). It’s an ironic conflict of interest for us cat lovers. Some house cat owners/gaurdians want our’s to feel at home just outside our home, and get criticized that they’re actually predators who would now be prey to their larger cousins. I guess the supreme irony would be that the cougars put a dent in the coyote population. Let’s see how tough you are now, Wiley! I haven’t heard any talk of “solving” the problem by taking harsher action against them, but I think this should serve as a reminder that climate change is a cause here along with urban sprawl that we are to blame for. Regardless, we should be part of the solution and Michael’s right that we should immediately bring Fluffy in where she’s in immediate danger.

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