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Burqa for Women and Boxes for Cats — 11 Comments

  1. Yes its a very Sensitive Subject Michael as we can see in Iraq atm with the new type WAR. I would hate to be a Women over there right now. Cats love boxes so Much. Ours Love Boxes, Bags especially after just come home from Grocery Shopping. We use Linean re useable Bags instead of Plastic. As soon as we are in the door Jasmine is in that bag. Will try and get a Photo of her after all the Grocery’s are out.

    • I couldn’t resist. I dislike seeing women being kept down like that. It is a delicate subject but too many people skirt around it for that reason which lets it continue. It is backward archaic thinking. It belongs to a world of 300 years ago.


        Strange that you did not receive any comments from unknown TALIBAANS yet, and please! don’t relate these things to cats. 😉

        You must consider your LIFE better than BURQ’HA.

        BURQ’HA!!! hahahahaha I wish I could wear one if I should slip away from LAW any time 😛

        Michael! just take care of yourself and specially cats, and leave the issues like these because many people have only one kind of BRAIN.


        LIVE A LONG LIFE MY FRIEND, not everyone can understand the positive message behind your article 🙁

        Thank you dear <3

          • Literally speaking, I was laughing time by time and still I talk to my wife in sad tone and started laughing. She thought I have become MAD but when I read the article in front of her, she said with smile that MICHAEL should avoid such topics because everyone on planet can not understand the real motive and all will take it negatively. I started to laugh again 😉

            • Burq’ha برقعہ is pakistani word for HIJAAB.

              Hijaab is necessary for women in islam to cover them selves. actually leave hands, face,feet open.

              Leaving face open is considering a sin in TAALIBAN school of thought otherwise moslem women do not cover faces.

              Once my friend who is from the same school of thought as I am i.e. DEOBANDI school of thought. (Just wanna mention that TAALIBAN are also DEOBANDIES but from the second sect of DEOBAND.

              I asked my friend,”Why women in Pakistan wear Burq’ha?”
              He replied,”Because men watch them thoroughly, with the full sense of sexual appeal.”
              I just moaned,”That means moslem men are not pious men, they lie that they obey Qur’an and they are MOSLEMS.”

              He said,”What did you say?”

              I replied, “Nothing!.” 😉

              So Michael, as I said there is a variety of MOSLEMS out there in this world and no one knows the straight orders of ISLAM. Every thing goes on the interpretation. This kind of varieties of ISLAM has declined us MOSLEMS not to be a true one and hurt as much as possible to ISLAM and we have set every aside the truth and we have made this religion the religion of priests.

              Bur’qha hahahaha still I am laughing as one of the camera man from BRITAIN said CHAPAATI to an indian family instead of saying SMILE during a photo session. And I was nearly dead at that time with laughing and hold my stomach. Oh my GOD what are BRITAIN people upto??? hahahaha

              I have been visited to BRITAIN in 1975-6 for one month and that was a hell tour.

              I was not happy but never visited to LONDON ever.

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