Business beats animal welfare in Colorado

COLORADO, USA – DENVER POST REPORTS: A law designed to stop puppy and kitten mills supplying pet stores has been dropped because ‘we cannot be anti-business’ in the words of Republican Richard Holtorf, who sits on the Colorado House Rural Affairs and Agriculture Committee of the legislature.

Business beats animal welfare in Colorado, USA
Business beats animal welfare in Colorado, USA
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No doubt the bill was intended to improve companion animal welfare in Colorado. Puppy and kitten mills are businesses focusing on maximum profit at the expense of cat and dog welfare. But despite everyone knowing this Rep. Monica Duran, the bill’s sponsor, has failed to get her bill onto the statute books.

She amended and softened the bill to try and overcome objections from representatives of pet store businesses but failed. She wanted to ensure that pet stores were supplied by licensed breeders and to display a sworn statement that the breeder had complied with certain standards. That’s not asking a lot is it? Well, yes it was asking too much of people who want to sell cats and dogs at a maximum profit while shoving welfare aside.

Rep. Monica Duran said that she is heartbroken. Her softening amendments meant that she had lost supporters who wanted a tougher law but even the compromised version of her bill did not go far enough for the hard businessmen who run pet stores.

The animal breeders, kennel clubs and pet store owners were more influential in swaying the opinion of Colorado’s legislature. They decided that the impact on business would be too detrimental.

As an outsider it appears that President Trump’s primary method of attracting support, namely a burgeoning economy, is rubbing off on state legislators. The mood is to make money not to enhance animal welfare even if the American economy is built on the back of printing money and 22 trillion dollars of debt, the highest it has ever been. One day that debt will crush the US economy. Trump is a typical businessman: short term thinking rules all decision making. He’s bad news for America. There will be a bad legacy of his time as president.


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2 thoughts on “Business beats animal welfare in Colorado”

  1. conquer. I knew that was spelled wrong but it finally occurred to me how to spell it. Sorry. I also remember asking if there were a way to edit comments made after they’re submitted and I know Michael said it would take some work, not easy, can’t do it. At least my mistakes aren’t too frequent but conquer was a pretty bad one.

  2. You’re painfully right about this “man’s” one-trick-pony attitude toward running things and that it’s given state legislators free reign to do the same. They’re all gutless wonders, short term thinkers and major, major todeys. Our country is as good as ruined economically and worse, morally. I can’t believe what’s happening here, and stuff like animal welfare is on the chopping block as far as they are all concerned. The environment, healthcare, social security, human rights are all on the same list; it’s just a matter of time. Well, they’re already taking hits actually; they just won’t ruin them completely until and if Trump gets re-elected. There’s already no checks on Trump as it is now. They all only care about this next election cycle then everything will be in the crapper. Our public service/welfare/justice system is all doomed. They’re all corrupted now which ironically most of Trump’s supporters claimed they were thinking would be made better, not worse. What idiots my fellow Americans are, but animal welfare is certainly not a care for any of them (have to say republicans). I never used to be very political but it’s hard not to be anymore. Just depends on what you care about and if your eyes are open. I hear much of the same is going on over there too, I’m sorry to hear. Division seems to be the order of the day. Divide and concur (the Russians are so playing us), and those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. That stuff holds true and my fellow Americans will learn the hard way apparently.


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