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Businessman spent £10,000 hiring a private detective to find the killer of his daughter’s kitten — 6 Comments

  1. That’s one truly poor detective. Or one that just likes to con everyone out of their money. He has his daughter’s kitten-killer right there in his sights. The father killed her kitten by not teaching his daughter how to protect her own animals from all harms. Would he hire a detective to find out which car ran-over his daughter’s cat too? Or perhaps to sleuth-down which gutter had some antifreeze in it that the cat lapped-up. Really? None of you see who the real kitten-killer is? Wow. Do any of the following phrases, upon which many animal-cruelty laws are written; such as “animal-neglect”, “animal-endangerment”, and “animal-abandonment” mean absolutely nothing to any of you? Then you wonder why your cats die all over the streets of the world so you can cry and whinge about it and ask for copious donations to try to stop them from dying everywhere. Self-victimizers, much?

    • You have the gall and bad taste to insult the father, you moron. You are Woody or one of his gang. Your comment is pathetic and shouts out bias, quite frankly. You hate cats and that comes across strongly.

      • Nay, not at all. I hate criminally-irresponsible pet-owners who kill their own pets by not knowing what it takes to truly love and care for them properly. Apparently this too eludes you. Join the father.

    • A lot a people will think the same. It is about education (a lack of it) and the failure of the police to commit to solving the crime.

      • I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the police failed to fully investigate this crime. Currently they like to blame budget cuts and being overstretched, but my own experience is that the police have never been very interested in what they consider minor crimes – especially ones against animals. No wonder people get tempted to take matters into their own hands.

        If Mr Tregarthen has sufficient evidence, perhaps the RPSCA might be able to prosecute the perpetrator? How many more victims will there be if the culprit thinks they can get away with it because the police aren’t interested?

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