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Buy Cashmere and Help the Andean Cat — 4 Comments

  1. Maybe it will take some time – maybe it wont become noticed in time to save the cat, but at least they are trying. What a nice looking cat. 2000?? Is that all? Again one feels helpless in the face of losing another priceless and beautiful creature. Humanity and culture is truly the most destructive horror this planet should never have had to face. What is the reason behind all this. Is there one. Probably not. Loss is clearly the final straw that enforces a more realistic value in something but it’s too late, as it’s lost. Just like artists becoming famous after they die. Is culture just incredibly arrogant. Are we programed to be unable to appreciate the present. There are many things about humanity that are just broken. We are all broken and yet we continue to break like a stubborn child who knows no better than to break all his toys. Very sad.

  2. Thanks for this. What a beautiful animal, the Andean cat. It will be an interesting experiment, but if you (Michael) can’t find a cashmere sweater that is certified wildlife friendly, who can? Tis the season, so good time for asking. I’ll let you know how it goes.


    • You are right. I am good at search on the internet and I can get a feel for what is possible and I get a bad feeling about finding some cashmere that comes from a Patagonian goat that belongs to this cooperative.

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