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[Buying a cat – Quotes are Helmi Flick]

If you are interested in a breed, visit the breeder’s house and see the cats there.” This gives you the chance to see if things look OK with the breeder’s set up. Buying a cat is not like buying a TV. When you buy a cat you are paying the breeder for raising a cat to the point when he/she can be re-homed. You are not buying a product.

It is vital to know how the cat was raised as this will dictate your cat’s character to an extent and how your cat integrates with other animals including humans.

The breeders house should be free of the smell of urine. This should be the case even if the breeder has “whole” (un-neutered) males (studs – who tend to spray more than neutered males). “The kittens should be isolated from the rest of the cats (the nursery)”

It is advisable to see if the cats are caged and if so don’t deal with the breeder. The exception is for studs. Studs are often caged outside. The best breeder to go to is one who rotates their cats on a schedule so they all have “face” time with the human family at some time during the day”. This takes time and effort but is important for the integration of the cat with humans resulting in a much happier cat companion, which is the objective after all. This means work and a caring/loving approach from the breeder but this tells you how good the breeder is.

Conclusion: when buying a cat ..where you get your purebred cat is very very important.  Never a pet store.  Never.  And the newspaper is not a good idea, either.  Go to the breeder’s house, let the kitten choose you.  That is what makes a good companion for you…..”

buying a cat
Photograph of Bengal Cats – copyright Helmi Flick



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