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Buying Facebook Likes — 6 Comments

  1. There should be ‘dislike’ and ‘hate’ buttons too!
    Although I suppose they would be open to abuse by people targeting those who don’t agree with their own views.
    There is always someone waiting to swoop on someone else.

    • Fake likes annoy because it just means that in order to compete you have to buy likes and become a fake yourself. It’s madness on the internet.

  2. You missed the most-excellent example of all.

    Did you even know that Alley Cat Allies hires click-farms and runs fake-like software to garner 1,000 new likes per day? They were stalled at 60,000 supporters for many many years, until they heard about those neat toys back in February of last year from media announcements of their existence in how to manipulate your own popularity. Then their “likes” steadily climbed at exactly 1000 “likes” per day since then. Con-artists and deception-artists, one and all.

  3. I recently heard but can’t find but I think Facebook is about to put a stop to LIKE buying when the new terms of service go into effect. If I see the link I’ll post it here.

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