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Caboodle Ranch Faces Class Action Lawsuit — 3 Comments

  1. he stated he receives 1,000. a month as salary, he can only use 1,000 per month for personal expenses, including housing, utilities personal car. ins , on and on, fl is a lot tougher than N C or S C . Grady Judd sheriff of polk co arrested a guy for animal abuse, he is doing a 10 yr sentence, well deserved. this guys receipts better be legit and better be for acceptable purchases but due to the arrest and seizure i doubt it. if guilty give him the max prison sentence and sell his assets to cover scammed money, anything left should go for court expenses, not his but the public’s.

  2. I sent 22 cats to the ranch.These cats were my babies who I rescued over 8 yrs ago.The time that I had them they were treated like family.You don’t rescue an animal only to mistreat it or no

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