Caged Cats of America

Caged Cats of America

by Michael
(London, UK)

This is about the caged cats of America. It is news to me and news generally (in one indirect way) in that I was prompted to look into it by a story I read regarding dogs. The director of Iowa Voters for Companion Animals, Mary LaHay, was explaining the poor conditions under which dogs are breed by puppy mill owners in the USA during a meeting at the Humane Society of North Iowa. She was heckled by dog breeders.

On the Iowa Voters for Companion Animals website, there is reference to the laws and regulations regarding minimum standards of husbandry in the USA under federal companion animal welfare law, the Animal Welfare Act and Animal Welfare Regulations, which are the requirements that USDA commercial dog breeders are required to apply.

It got me thinking, “what about cats?”. There are kitten mills too. What are the minimum standards in respect of the cages that a cat breeder selling 25 or more cats per year, which were born and raised on his or her premises or who maintains a total of four or more breeding female cats, has to apply? These are the cat enclosures (outdoors a lot of the time) where cats live.

The picture below shows the minimum space requirement of a cage under these regulations:

cat in a breeding cage shown in a diagram the cage is very small
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In words:

Prior to February 15, 1994 each cat housed in any primary enclosure shall be provided a minimum of 21/2 square feet of floor space;(ii) On and after February 15, 1994:(A) Each primary enclosure housing cats must be at least 24 in. high (60.96cm);

Cats that are over 8.8 lbs in weight have more ceiling space as I read the regulations but the floor space remains the same (wrong? – please leave a comment). Actually the regulations in places are badly worded I think so are not as clear as they might be.

The full regulations are here. They cover all aspects.

So what do I think? Horror basically. Is this the USA in the 21st century or Asia last century(sorry Asia but your record of animal husbandry is not good)? Caged Cats of America is an apt description if breeders of large numbers of cats stick to the minimum standards. This is the kind of cruelty perpetrated by the cat declawing veterinarians.

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Photo of cat inside cage: published under a creative commons license – Attribution 2.0 Generic – photo by sasha {fujin}

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Caged Cats of America

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Mar 21, 2011 thanks
by: seo

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Jul 28, 2010 Not All Breeders Cage their Cats
by: Merrily

Although I have seen many catteries where the cats are caged, I do know there are some good breeders out there.
The breeders of my Norwegian Forest Cat Faith raise all of their cats in their home, there are no cages, no out door areas, the cats live with the family.
Faith is a very well adjusted cat, loves everyone, and is intimidated by nothing. She is truely a joy to live with.
One of the other things this breeder does, is feed the kittens a wide variety of different food, both canned, and dry. They mix many brands of premium dry foods so that they don’t have a kitten or grown cat for that matter who will only eat one food. My other cat seems to have been raised on one brand of dry food, and I worry about her because in the event of an earthquake or other emergency she would be very difficult to feed. She will hold out for days if there is a slight change in her diet.
Beware of the breeder who raises cats in cages, since the kittens will not be socialized, and will fear people, making them less than enjoyable as pets. You relly have to be careful in this day of air travel for cats, as many times the breeder can hide the fact that their cats are raised in cages. A few photos of the kittens romping in the living room can be very decieving.
Raising cats should never be about money,but about the love of the breed, and most really good breeders will only produce a litter per year or at the most two.
There is a big difference between a good breeder and a backyard breeder, you have to pay attention.

Jul 27, 2010 Cat Breeding Pratices “Caging” Compromises Cats Health
by: Rose Marie

Cat Breeding Pratices “Caging” Compromises Cats Health [Part 2]

These unnatural practices of caging pedigree felines are promoted by the cat fancy community that are involved with breeding of pedigree cats. Cat breeding practices promotes illness in felines that otherwise would not occur if feline was to be free all day long to roam in owners home.

To prove what I am saying is, lets place a cat breeder in a cage with just enough room to sit, walk a few steps and do a bowel movement & eat. If it is unhealthy for a human cat breeder it is certainly unhealthy for a feline cat.

Do you wonder why you read so many complaints from buyers of pedigree cats always complaining they “bought a sick cat”? When the consumer goes to the cat breeders home to buy the cat or kitten the cat looks fine. The reason is the cat breeder has the feline on high dosages of antibiotics. The problems come after the kitten gets to its new home. Within 24 hours or less the cat will be showing its illness signs that were supressed by those large dosages of antibiotics given by the cat breeder. The kitten was sick before the consumer purchased this cat. The antibiotics just doctored it up to fool the buyer and so the sale can be made.

CFA & all the other cat registries profess they care about the welfare of felines everywhere. That is a ruse. These cat registries and the entire cat breeding community have absolutely no interest in the welfare of cats. There only interest and passion is to fill their pockets with money they get from the sales of their cats. And continue to attend cat shows to win those covetous ribbons to feed their insatiable egos that their cats are the “best”.

And for those show cat exhibitors who say they they dont make any money selling kittens. They will say they come out even because of all the expense just running a cattery. They insist on spending all that money to have that cattery. Because they all have to outdo each other. Dont every belive they dont make any money. They make plenty of hard cash. But they make most of their money once their cat/kitten gets its covet title of Champion or Grand Champion etc. Then they can sell the kittens for outragous prices in the thousands to other cat breeders & newbies that want to become breeders.

Jul 27, 2010 Cat Breeding Pratices “Caging” Compromises Cats Health
by: Rose Marie

Cat Breeding Pratices “Caging” Compromises Cats Health [Part 1]
Any cat breeding practices that places pedigree cats into cages 24-7 dramatically interfers with the health of that cat or cats. It is not natural nor normal for a cat to be placed into a cage all day long. A cat needs to exercise & act like a cat.

Imagine spending your whole life caged in a space so small you couldn’t move your arms or turn around. That’s the sad life of all of our pedigree cats that are used for breeding world wide. Pedigree felines are frequently confined in spaces so small they can’t live their natural way of life walking on all 4 paws. These unnatural practices compromise their immune systems, so to keep the cat appearing healthy they are pumped full of antibiotics, damaging the integrity of the felines entire health.

Nov 19, 2009 caged cats
by: kathy

I too was at a Bengal breeder who had her cats caged in cages that were too small. Many people tend to loose sight of the fact that animals are living breathing feeling creatures that too have emotion. My friend just related to me that her dog was sick and the other dog was sick with worry. My cat always knows what mood im in or whether I feel good or bad. One time I saw a stripped squirrel run out into the road to shake the body of another one who had just been hit by a car. I was very moved by this behavior. I also saw a squirrel try to free another one who was in a trap. Its sad that today humans only see animals as to how they can benefit from them.

Nov 19, 2009 Caged Cats
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

To say the U.S.A. presents a disgraceful front on how animals are treated would take me longer than I have breath!

Over the years, it’s impossible to tell you how many heated encounters I’ve had with shops about how their cats are treated. (Although this is a cat forum, the same principle applies to all animals – dogs, birds, mice, etc.)

From cramped conditions to no food/water/bedding to even the filth exhibited in pet shops, never mind the breeders. Something even as simple as cleaning the cage of feces and using cages that don’t have wire bottoms/sides to them… It is heart-breaking. Sometimes we wonder who really are the animals?

Nov 19, 2009 Breeding For Show Gone Bad
by: Anonymous

A few years ago I was looking for a kitten. I picked up a copy of Kittens Magazine, and was smitten by the pictures of the beautifuly wild looking Bengals. One of the Cattery’s was nearby, so off I went to purchase my kitten.
I was first taken by the breeder to a very nice enclosure which was attached to his house, and there in a tiny cubicle was a beautiful large male Bengal, he was a Supreme Grand Champion. He had no toys, or bed….nothing except this 2.5 X 2.5 cubicle. The breeder mentioned that other breeders felt his area was too small, but he assured me it was fine, and the cat was comfortable. I guess that depends on your definition of comfort.
A couple of years later, no doubt related to the recession, I saw an ad in the newspaper, he was selling his cats for $50.00 just remember to bring your carrier, he said in the ad.
I have never forgotten that beautiful boy, and hope he is now in a home where he can be loved, and lounge on the sofa, instead of that lonely cubicle.

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