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Cages, Cats And Confinement — 9 Comments

  1. Cool. Remind me to ask the government to subsidize my fish-tanks and train collection and stamp collection too. And my kids’ doll collections, that’s a must. If we’re going to have the government subsidize all our hobbies and all those non-essential things that we want in life that make only us happy, let’s get them all subsidized and paid-for by the government. Count me in! How very “deep and brilliant” of everyone here! Wow!

    • Barry (sorry, Woody) you miss the point, a train set is not a domestic cat which is treated as part of the family and a living creature and cats are not hobbies. Human babies are not hobbies and neither are cat companions. You are miles off the point and the argument. Totally stupid comment, sorry.

    • One thing for sure Woody’s ilk, your comment is certainly not “deep and brilliant”
      It is in fact un-necessary and sarcastic and it does you no credit at all.

  2. Horrible, hateful confinement, poor cats large and small denied their freedom and kept to be pretty kitties to be stared at or breeding machines to churn out kittens. I wish all cat rescues had the same attitude as Cats Protection and Ark on the Edge with clean roomy cabins for the cats and access to fresh air, they do have to be confined but surely not in dank, cramped cages out of the daylight, it must be such a soulless existence for them waiting, waiting, waiting to be chosen, so sad,
    Carrying boxes have a purpose, to get the cat safely to the vets who these days mostly refuse to do house visits at any price, as do doctors, it wouldn’t be safe to transport a cat without a carrier, even using one there are sad stories of cats escaping during and after vet visits, I don’t think many cats would hop in the car and voluntarily go to visit the vet, I know our boys wouldn’t.

    • agreed its sad when animals domestic and wild have to be confined to long period in cages. It must be just so horrible for them. I know my felines just hate so much the cat cage. As soon as they see it they know exactly what its there for i.e Vet Visit. They run away or try to Escape. Have to trick Smokey and Rebel as their senses are very alerted to when its that time.

  3. A very deep and brilliant article Michael which really gets to the nitty gritty of how we have taken cats lives over and expect them to be content as our prisoners and how some people think cats should be grateful to us for this.
    Yes bigger zoos would be better, but even better still would be no zoos, just leave wild animals in the wild, where they belong!
    But no they can’t do that, they have to ‘own’ animals, take over their lives, force cats large and small to breed in captivity, so more people can ‘own’ them.
    Yes we have to put our cats in cat carriers to go to the vets but it’s for their benefit, not ours and yes more vets should do house calls, they make the excuse everything is at hand at the surgery but the truth is they know cats are more manageable there than at home. They have back up to help subdue cats difficult to handle. So they charge the earth to put people off asking for house calls.
    I think the biggest problem is that many people don’t respect cats or consider their feelings, human beings wants and rights come first and therefore many cats have to live un-natural lives to please those people.

    • Thanks Ruth. I am trying to address the underlying problems in society which leave us where we are with the domestic cat – not ideal. We (meaning humankind) can do so much better. At the end of the day it is about money and pretty well all the woes in the cat world revolve around money and the value of the cat.

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