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Caitlin Moran is a Cat Hater — 41 Comments

  1. I LIKE and agree with your reply Michele.
    Can we please dispense with all the labels; caregiver/owner, Brits/English etc., and just be who we are – people who love our cats and do what we consider is best for them based upon our own circumstances and locations.Thank You for posting a positive statement.

  2. You know what saddens me most about this thread? It started off about Caitlin Moran’s article which was undoubtedly written purely to stir up controversy and the result is cat lovers turning on each other 🙁

    Can we please dispense with all the labels; caregiver/owner, Brits/English etc., and just be who we are – people who love our cats and do what we consider is best for them based upon our own circumstances and locations.

    • Just seen this Michele when I came to look at Dee’s poem. You are SO right when you say ‘we are people who love our cats and do what we consider is best for them based upon our own circumstances and locations’
      It’s a shame some articles are written to stir up controversy and upset the harmony of true cat lovers and make it into an unpleasant place to come.

      • Ruth, anyone who knows yourself and Babz should know by now how much you two care for cats – and not just your own cats, but all cats everywhere.

        I think years of battling the pro-declaw, indoor-only brigade and cat show snobs on Y/A has made my skin grow a little thicker 😉 I don’t much care now what strangers on the internet have to say about me, but I do take offence if they insult my cats.

      • Thats so true Ruth I find that the older I get I’m less inclined to put up with ignorance especially people trying to ‘teach their granny to suck eggs’ when they know nothing about an individuals situation.

  3. Author:Leonard Taormina.

    What now brown cow is there some sort of contention going on here? I only wanted to indulge in some small form of nourishment here; And you can at times provide such a tasty morsel, I am after all just a cat who desires his occasional saucer. So how about we come to an agreement; I’ll keep those certain type of undesirables out of your sleeping area; And in turn perhaps you might indulge me on occasion. I do you know so admire those big black eyes of yours; And in my moments of indulgence’s I imagine swimming in them. I don’t know maybe I could even love you except it is an impossible love. You have your place here as the provider of substance for all your little ones; And me I can’t stay home at night because it’s my time to take inventory. I’ve got old acquaintances to see and newcomers soon to be in need of my attentions. But hey what say we jump over the moon tonight? Right now I can hear a rhyme about us doing just that. So come on Daisy help a cat out don’t be so predictable just once.

  4. Note:I am certainly sorry if I have offended anyone’s personal sense of honor with my bold statements. It is unfortunate that you got Your Human Tail ruffled, when I was clearly speaking for the General welfare of all cats and at the same time posting important information for every cat owner. I should know as I have 4 Maine Coons and among other
    credentials ; I am not an amateur.
    However-I am less concerned for yours [ Barbara } as you have stated that you are very aware of the dangers. It is a good thing for our pets enjoy the outdoors, provided we are watching them. ftnt: This is my viewpoint and I am entitled to it.

    • Hi Eva, I am with you. I don’t want to offend anyone either but it is true that there is a culture in the UK of letting cats roam and sometimes it is allowed without due thought about the risks. It is done automatically.

      I love cats to roam free. It is preferable but it is not always wise to allow it. That is all I am saying. The default thought process should be “is it safe outside?” not “let the cat outside”.

      I can remember my mother allowing her cats to roam free for years and when several had been lost to cars or poisoning she became anxious and changed her attitude toward free roaming cats.

      Maybe it takes that sometimes.

    • Humans don’t have tails to ruffle Eva. You have no right to judge that our cats enjoy their freedom in safe places, to tar us all with the same brush is very wrong and insulting! We might as well say ALL cat ‘caregivers’ in your country are bad because some have their cats toe ends amputated.

    • Get yourself concerned with the mutilating of cats by declawing in your country, instead of the welfare of the cats in a country where cats toe ends have never been amputated.

      • Goodbye, R. You will be truly missed by many.
        I have enjoyed your comments, articles, and posters. You were instrumental in educating so many people about the anguish associated with declawing.
        I’ll, especially, miss our potshots at Woody.
        See you in some of our other favorite places.

        • I’m sorry you left in so much pain
          Your heart is more broken than I can explain

          You gave us so much of your heart and soul
          And, now, we’re left with a deep, deep hole

          I remember each and every heartfelt line
          You wrote when we (ME) were out of line

          I remember every soothing word
          When Binny and Charlie left this world

          Now, you’re facing your own scary quandary
          And, you got no support, not even “I’m sorry”

          I want you to know that I understand
          And, don’t want you to feel alone again.

          • Oh Dee, what a lovely poem, I had to come back to thank you for it, I’m so glad you told me to have a look.
            Thank you too for all your loving support over our worries with Walter’s illness and your kind offer of financial help also, even though we refused because we can manage. We all have vets bills to pay and sometimes unexpected huge ones can leave us struggling, but our cats will never go without what they need, even if we ever have to eat dry bread ourselves. You are a true friend and a rock to many more than Babz and me I’m sure. We are very thankful Walt is doing well now and Jo too, it’s so nice to know some people do care. Thanks too for your continued support of Kays Hill cattery, Kevin really appreciates it, in these very hard financial times we are unable to help them more than our small monthly DD at present, but our local people are kind, taking food and bedding into Babz for them.
            Yes it’s all about friends supporting each other through any illnesses or loss of our cats and thank you very much again for yours and love to you and all of your cats.

  5. OK-I am glad that Betty was not declawed [ as far as has been recorded [?] being that it is outlawed in the UK. This still does not vindicate Ms.[ Caitlin] Catherine Elizabeth from her indifference to her cat ; nor tossing her off the bed. As for taking such great pride in allowing the domestic cats their freedom in your part of the world; I must disagree with this as being a credential and is insufficient to be labeled as a proper hands on caregiver to any pet.Especially with the world in which we live these days.

    Anything can and does happen to the outdoor cat. They are Not 100% independent as so many people chose to believe _Nevertheless thank for the reply, which is a “Good Thing ” by proving that someone out there cares enough about the animals to speak up.

    • I agree with you Eva. The more I have studied the domestic cat the more I am sensitive to the dangers outside. A lot of Brits are not aware of the dangers or are not sensitive enough to them.

      • A lot of us ‘Brits’ which I suppose covers us ENGLISH, ARE well aware of any dangers outside and are very sensitive to them. We are also aware that for a cat to live a fulfilled life they need a certain amount of freedom to be a cat doing what cats do.
        If we didn’t live in a safe cat friendly place then we wouldn’t have cats if we couldn’t provide them with an outdoor run to enjoy rolling in and nibbling on grass, feel the sun on their backs, unfettered by harnesses and leashes, restricted like dogs!
        Declawing was invented when keeping cats strictly indoors in the USA became popular, cats lost their freedom and their claws! OK keep cats safe in dangerous places but I take exception to:
        ‘As for taking such great pride in allowing the domestic cats their freedom in your part of the world; I must disagree with this as being a credential and is insufficient to be labeled as a proper hands on caregiver to any pet’
        41 years of our cats having their freedom in safe cat friendly places I think DOES make us proper hands on caregivers’
        No one has the right to judge English people who know that cats are not so fully domesticated as to not yearn for a life where they have access to outdoors. Yes indoor cats accept it, they have no choice but it doesn’t make those people better ‘caregivers’

          • No Michael NEVER in 41 years because we make sure to live away from main roads and we are alert to everything going on in our neighbourhood. We don’t just open the door and say ‘bye bye see you sometime boyz’ We make our home and garden a happy cat friendly place to be and out cats clock in regularly. We keep them in after dark and when no one is going to be home.
            I think it’s very judgemental of someone who lives in a country where cats toe ends are amputated, to call people who put their cats safety and welfare first and foremost ‘not good caregivers’ and for you to say a lot of ‘Brits’ are not aware of the dangers and not sensitive enough to them is very insulting. Having been a loyal supporter of PoC for 7 years I thought you would know us better by now but you seem to have adopted America as your mother country so there is no place for ‘Brits’ now maybe!

            • Ruth, what if by pure misfortune two of your cats had been lost over the years. Say one had been poisoned and the other killed by a car or something like that. Would you have the same opinion on free-roaming?

              I don’t understand the content of the second para of your comment. I said “A lot of Brits are not aware of the dangers or are not sensitive enough to them”. Note the phrase “at lot”. I did not generalise and was not judgemental. What I have written is true and in any case it is my considered opinion which should be respected as should anyone’s opinion.

              Nothing has changed from my perspective. I think it is better that you email me if you want to discuss the aims and content of PoC.

              • But we haven’t lost any cats to poison or road accidents because we’ve made sure to live in safe cat friendly places. When our old home became unsafe we stood outside with our cats every time they went out and moved as quickly as we could to where we are now, after much research to ensure their safety. It depends on how important the cats welfare and quality of life is to cat caretakers, our cats come first. What annoys me is people generalising that people who allow their cats out are not good caretakers, especially from a country where cats have been mutilated for around 60 years now. Yet we don’t generalise and say all Americans are bad because some have their cats declawed.
                I don’t want to discuss the aims and content of PoC thank you, you have your paid promoter/photo journalist writer and your chosen paid writer, it’s your web site so you can run it as you please. I merely contributed and promoted it for 6/7 years and not only my own articles, but it obviously means nothing to you. I wish you well but like a few more loyal once regulars I won’t be returning.

    • How insulting to be judged an improper “care giver” for having the sense to realise that cats are just like any other animal, including humans, who enjoy fresh air, sunshine and freedom, and to be judged incapable of deciding whether or not it is safe to allow our cats that freedom that is their right and which they fully deserve as much as you or me. Nothing is safe in this life certainly cats in the USA who are kept indoors are not safe because they are routinely abused by declawing, do you call that safe? Do you call that good care giving? Is sitting in a window looking out at the birds a fulfilled life? Is being taken outdoors in a “stroller” good care giving, well to me that is heinous cruelty. How dare you question our judgement when you know nothing of the area we live in, we have no wish for our lifestyle to be seen as a credential by you or anyone else, be assured however that we are fully aware of real and perceived dangers and fully sensitive to the same.

      • Babz, I agree that cats should ideally be allowed to roam freely outside. Of course. But it is not always suitable. That was a woman neighbour who let her cats roam and they kept on getting killed on the road. You’d think she’d change her attitude and behaviour. She had a huge garden which she could have converted into a really excellent enclosure full of stimulation and safe outside fun. But no she was programmed to let her cats out.

        This is not wise and it is not good cat guardianship. Automatically allowing cats outside is not sensible. It requires consideration and depends on what is outside. You live in a nice place for cats to roam it seems to me. There are some great car caretakers who don’t live in areas where free roaming is suitable.

    • Really Eva? Well frankly you presume too much I have just re-homed a cat I fostered for 6 months while his broken leg was healing. When it was time for him to venture outside I speant time outside with him ensuring he didn’t wander then I would leave him a while and then call him in, he would never be out if we weren’t at home because I am aware of the dangers out there.

      I would see a cat who only had a short time on this earth enjoy the sun on his face, feel the wind through his fur, hunt and do everything that a cat needs to do rather than see a mutilated shadow of a cat live to some great age yet crippled by de-clawing and arthritis because some cruel person wanted to turn a beautiful creature into a living breathing stuffed animal! I suggest you look closer to home before you look at the ‘caregiving of us Brits’

  6. She is an attention seeking uneducated idiot and we are all giving her what she craves, but I am moved to comment on this article……the saying is ‘there is no such thing as bad publicity’ and it’s true. I feel very sorry for the cats in her care, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there should be some sort of test everyone must pass before being allowed a living feeling creature in their power.

    • Ruth, I don’t really believe she hates her cat Betty as much as she says she does. Although I have taken what she says on face value but her article as much to do with publicity as anything else.

      However, what she has written might mislead cat owners and therefore I felt compelled to challenge the article.

  7. Do you know what I think, this idiot will be thriving on the controversy she has raised by the trash she has written in this article which really is only worth using in an outside lavatory as people used to do in the very town where she was born. I think the best reaction to the moronic ramblings of this egotistical self absorbed would-be journalist is to totally ignore her, if she is “celebrated” then the whole country is madder than I thought. It’s just a pity she was allowed to adopt the cats in the first place, she isn’t worthy.

  8. I must admit I’d never heard of Ms Moran before and a quickly Google search revealed how she’d posted on her Twitter account “Column; my most controversial ever.”

    Can’t help wondering if this is a clever stunt to boost her profile.

    However if her stated feelings and thoughts towards Betty are genuine, then I think she’s just embarrassed herself by showing how truly ignorant she is about cat behaviour. (Despite having shared a home with two of them for the past 9 years.)

    • Can’t help wondering if this is a clever stunt to boost her profile.

      Yes, Michele I think you have cottoned on fast. However, it gave me the opportunity to write something about it and be equally controversial or at least noticeable, I hope. I hope she picks up this page and comments. I still half-sense she made the whole thing up (about hating her cat). Still too late now.

  9. Well_ I know for sure that Caitlin knows very little about the domestic cat or it’s natural wild instincts or even how to guide Betty in the right direction. She also takes everything as a personal affront and assumes the cat thinks the same way she does.
    She also expects her cats to favor and cater to her character traits and superficial habits as her friends and family probably do.
    Poor Betty needs extra care and Love from her Mother Caitlin. Especially since she lost her own cat Mother and was abandoned by a human family who cared for her only when it was convenient to do so. My guess is that Betty is lovely and attracted the wrong types of adoptive parents. Anyway an animal is not a windup toy and Betty should not be expected to act perfect [ no pun intended ] because she is pretty _ looks have nothing to do with a kittens or cats physical and emotional needs.
    Also-And I am only questioning this idea; but how can she be milking her humans FACE unless she has been declawed? I know most cats, but not all of them can keep their claws retracted. But not this Beauty. She would not deliberately assume such etiquette in any situation if unless proper guidance and training were in place beforehand. It sounds like she has _No_ choice in the matter. Betty is also begging Caitlin to have her paws checked. Pawing and pawing excessively, needy behavior, habits a bit dramatic, using garden for litter box. These signs suggest she was not trained or has been declawed and can not step in the cat litter box [I think is already indoors for the other cat and has been ] because it hurts her feet every single time she has to go potty.? Considering all of this baggage-I would say that Betty cat is behaving exceptionally well and appreciates her new indoor benefits but is just trying to get Help and Love and Acknowledgement for her predicament. Caitlin is the selfish one in this family. Note:If this is the case, bone fragments in what is left of her toes hurt terribly and need to be removed by a caring vet. On the other hand, throwing her off the bed is violent animal abuse and could lead to broken bones along with an already broken heart.Many a pet has been kicked out the door after their owners declawed them due to what happens afterwards and they become a nuisance and develop
    adverse behaviors. Wouldn’t you ??? People-PLEASE RESEARCH what DECLAWING REALLY MEANS.

    • She also takes everything as a personal affront and assumes the cat thinks the same way she does.

      Yes she relates everything about her cats to human behavior. She needs a bit of cat education. It is not because she is stupid. She’ll be smart. Probably an Oxbridge graduate.

      how can she be milking her humans FACE unless she has been declawed?

      Yes, that surprised me. It would hurt too much unless she stops Betty within a nanosecond of starting.

    • I know exactly what declawing means and I know where its done. I have watched the Paw Project; have you? Despite the name Caitlin she was born in Brighton and christened Catherine Elizabeth. That is Brighton UK therefore she is English and we don’t declaw cats in England – thank God because it is banned.

      In terms of defacating and urinating in her back garden this is what cats do in England if they are allowed to which clearly this cat is. In most cases we don’t have to keep our cats indoors to keep them safe they are free to roam and long may they continue to as well; its a great British tradition.

      If she wants to stop the soiling behaviour then all she needs to do is use wood bark on most of the garden and just leave a soil patch for the kitties, nothing to do with litter trays its common in this country for cats to do it outside.

      In terms of the kneeding of her face (I’ve heard of kneeding other parts of the body before but never the face) its simply a comfort thing; because her mom is pushing her away she craves closeness even more and you can’t get much closer than her face. The kneeding is also a comfort thing because it takes her back to kittenhood when she was safe with her birth mom.

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