Calico cat plays rough with coyote

Turning the conventional relationship on its head. Domestication and socialisation removed the natural instincts of these two animals. And I love interspecies friendships.

Source: Reddit.

Can a cat escape a coyote attack?

6 thoughts on “Calico cat plays rough with coyote”

  1. Aside from natural instincts in wild animals, various behaviors can be observed because of captivity, being rescued, personality differences and other factors.

    This coyote and cat aren’t in the wild; they’re in a domestic setting with humans. Although both have hunting instincts, these may be suppressed because of being well fed and living together. This may leave time for some experimental play.

    Yes, it could turn very serious, as happens with dogs and cats or other combinations. I guess the humans think it’s worth the risk, which isn’t unusual.

    It was fun to watch.

  2. Interesting and could be considered entertaining.
    Personally, I got chills watching because I know that events could turn very serious very quickly, and the human probably wouldn’t be able to stop it unless armed.

  3. How old is the coyote ? It’s a wild animal and unless it grew up with this cat there is a better than not chance it will eventually hunt the cat. Humans have a terrible time understanding the difference between wild and domestic animals. The coyotes natural instincts are not suppressed it just sees the human as it’s pack leader which is totally different than dogs being submissive to humans. The yote demonstrated at least one active hunting posture while circling the cat they are hardwired to dispatch prey instantly not mess it up like most domestic dogs. If things go south the cat will pay with it’s live.

  4. This is too good. First of all the coyote is very dog-like, looking to the human for clues as to how he’s being perceived. He wants to be sure human is okay with him. Then notice that the second he does take his eyes off his cat friend and looks at human, the cat makes his move! Watch the cat watch the coyote. The cat was thinking every split second… turning his head as if he’s thinking “now I’ve got you!”. And yeah the cat plays rough, and the coyote is almost gentle. He only nudges the cat then falls down in playful submission. What a video.

    • Nice comment. The video makes me smile and laugh. It is full of warmth but the cat is tougher and more aggressive maybe. Nature can be overturned by human intervention sometimes. Maybe humans think we can control nature. That would be a mistake.


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