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California animal shelter bans customers who support the pro-gun lobby — 5 Comments

      • Gun restrictions in other countries may work, but in America no gun laws can prevent nutjobs and criminals from getting their hands on guns. Because in America there are millions of stolen guns in circulation. Every neighborhood drug pusher has a selection for sale for less than the price of a legal gun.

        This is an unintended legacy of 50 years of our failed “War on Drugs”. All the arrests and long prison sentences were supposed to eliminate illegal drugs, but all they did was raise the price of illegal drugs, so addicts turned to burglary to afford their drugs. What did they give their pushers to buy their drugs? Mostly stolen guns.

        There are millions of stolen guns in circulation in America now. Politicians who want gun control act and talk as if legal guns were the only guns. None of their proposed laws even tries to do anything about stolen guns. Even if all legal guns were confiscated, nothing would keep a violent nut from getting any gun he wanted from any number of local drug pushers and they’d cost less than a legal gun costs.

        The cities with the strictest gun laws have the highest rates of gun violence. These laws do and will only make it onerous and expensive for law-abiding people to buy or keep a gun. All that means is that criminals and nutjobs won’t worry that anyone might shoot back. Unlike Europe, Americans have so far been unwilling to pay taxes high enough to hire enough police to ensure reasonable response times.

        So, we know that unless you’re close to a police station, you’re on your own. If there’s a mass killer or armed robber, or a gangland shoot-out, most likely everyone will be dead by the time the police can get there.

        Frequently, even when the police are there, they do nothing (as at Uvalde). Here in the Western US, we’re accustomed historically, due to thin populations and great distances, to inadequate law enforcement (thus the “Wild West”) and needing to depend on ourselves and our neighbors. It has become a tradition.

        In the Eastern cities, and our large cities in the West, they’re foolishly more supportive of gun control laws than Americans elsewhere, and they’re more confident of police protection, which is why their murder rates are so high.

        Despite how shocking and repugnant these mass killings are, it behooves to remember that these atrocities are unrepresentative of the real problem, and only account for a couple of dozen of the thousands of Americans murdered each year, most are from robberies.

        I’m posting this because it’s never mentioned in the media, so it’s not surprising that Europeans and Canadians don’t understand the relationship Americans and people in Latin American countries, for that matter, have with guns.

        • Jon, many thanks for your very instructive comment. I have learned something from you which is much appreciated. As I have mentioned before, to outsiders USA gun laws look very strange. And the high rate of homicides and the high rate of these mass shootings seems catastrophic and tragic to outsiders.

          But what I’d like to hear from you on is how you would actually reduce the very high level of gun-related homicides in America which as far as I recall is only just behind Venezuela!

  1. Totalitarian liberal political correctness strikes again. Their major concern should be finding good, caring homes for their animals, not trying to enforce their misguided views on gun “control”

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