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California: Petition Placing Restrictions On Wild Cat Hybrid Ownership — 3 Comments

  1. Bizarre. Although the “BENGAL CAT” and the “BOMBAY CAT” have Indian origin names they are totally unknown in India among cat enthusiasts and owners. In India the “Persian Cat” is popular and i have yet to see a “Bengal Cat:” or a “Bombay cat”.Another fact, there are more tigers in U.S.A than in the wild forests of India ? Truly bizarre.

  2. No ezpert here, ofcourse.
    But, from what you write, the thinking put into this petition is very inaccurate.
    Maybe Sarah would give us her take too.

    • There seems to be a general feeling in the US that there should be restrictions on “exotic pets” including wild cats as pets. It is part of the private zoo problem and backyard tigers etc.. This petition seems to be an extension of that. The politicians have it wrong to me here butt there is a need to close private zoos in my opinion.

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