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California Plans to Ban Declawing — 3 Comments

  1. While states’ rights are a vital component of American government, what precludes our 50 state governments from following the examples of our non-declaw neighbors [England, Scotland, Wales, Norway, Netherlands, Israel, Ireland, Australia: a total of 28 nations] whose Parliaments [read:”federal level”] managed to set aside their “state/local” differences, and for the sake of the humane treatment of Felines, banned declawing from within their borders? A national Ban of Declawing at our own federal level seems in order; a Humane Act which would serve to resolve at last, these 60+ years of state-sanctioned abuse.

    • A federal ban would be fabulous; and dare I say it, it would improve the image of veterinarians and animal welfare in the US across the planet. Declawing is bad publicity for the US. It is not a good look in modern parlance. Thanks for commenting Deborah.

  2. We need California or New York, preferably California to ban declawing. Other states will become more likely to follow.

    Declawing is outlawed. No one may declaw cats and no one may procure a declaw procedure. Procedures to treat physical medical conditions of animals are not restricted- I feel this is a big ambiguous the actual medical reasons allowing the amputation of a toe need to more clearly spelled out.
    This quite reminds me of the loopholes when abortion was illegal. It was up to the doctor to decide if it was medically necessary.
    I am BTW pro choice on abortion I was simply citing an example of how human beings behave when the laws are not clear and precise. Fluffy getting stuck in the curtain doesn’t need to become the new standard for getting a legal declaw.

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