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California’s 2 million military vets won’t have to pay animal shelter adoption fees

“This is a big win for veterans and shelter animals. Buster and Pepper bring me joy and laughter and I benefit from the positive effects of their companionship. Our brave heroes deserve the same happiness, and I’m glad we can reduce the barriers for bringing together veterans seeking companion animals and pets in need of a home.” – Senator Chang

Vets suffering from PTSD can become criminals. Photo: Ian Forsyth/Getty

This is a very sensible idea which is to become law in California shortly. Bearing in mind the benefits that companion animals bring to people suffering mental health problems such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) which occurs a lot with vets, it is great news that following support from both sides of the political spectrum California has created a law (Senate Bill 245) which calls on animal shelters to waive adoption fees.

Eligible military vets can be identified using the state’s Veteran driver’s license designation.

The law comes into effect on January 1 2020. The report on the Sierra Sun Times website says that Governor Newsom signed off Senate Bill 245 on September 7. The Bill was authored by Senator Ling Ling Chang.

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