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Call for USA National Registry of Animal Abusers — 8 Comments

  1. there should DEFINITELY be something worldwide, BUT it has to start at the “grassroots-level” first. once it takes hold there the rest will follow. thats how sex-offenders being registered started. it had to take hold locally first. if im not mistaken they made the same complaints about sex-offenders being able to move, etc & that THAT was why registering them wouldnt be effective(people move, etc), but now we see that THATs not an issue anymore. it has to start somewhere. maybe people should petition reminding their governments that animal abuse IS considered an indicator of potential sexual/physical violence to others as well. so it IS NOT just about animals. it IS about personal safety as well. essentially, people that hurt animals typically do end up hurting people as well, whether they are doing so as a surrogate or as a means to “test the waters”.
    i hope i said that right, or u get what i mean at least.

  2. I have argued for years this is a necessity. The software platforms already exist through the sex offender registry. Abusers can simply move or have someone else procure a pet at any shelter. Bans on pet ownership should include everyone residing at that address.
    The hardest part will always be getting judges to enforce it. When people abuse or starve domestic pets or livestock they are often let off with a surrender agreement most of them not even including the vet bills. Much like vets who blind helpless little cats are offered a Pre Notice of Contemplated Action that amounts to a plea deal to pay a fine.
    People who hurt, abuse, starve animals are sick twisted human beings. There is a high incidence of spousal and child abuse associated. So much so some jurisdictions now call either CPA or AC when either humans or pets are being abused.

  3. I agree with Cat’s Meow that it should be worldwide. We just had a cat shot with a hunting arrow, in our neighborhood in Northern California (Rohnert Park). Fortunately, the cat survived after hundreds of dollars of surgery, and is recuperating at home. I hope this guardian keeps her cats indoors from now on, because the offender is on the loose, with no suspects yet. This happened a couple of weeks ago in July 2016.

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