Calling all kitten adopters. Start them on chicken bones!

This is the advice of Dr Bruce Fogle DVM MRVS, the world’s best-known veterinarian/author. By birth he is Canadian, living in England. “I was born on February 17, 1944 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where I was raised and educated, graduating in 1970 with a DVM degree (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) from the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph in nearby Guelph, Ontario. After graduating I went to London, England on a travel fellowship, to work as a veterinarian at the Zoological Society of London’s Regent’s Park Zoo.” – Dr Fogle’s bio.

Calling all adopters of kittens. Start them on chicken bones at 8-weeks!

Calling all adopters of kittens. Start them on chicken bones at 8-weeks! SEEK YOUR OWN VETERINARY ADVICE PLEASE. Infographic by MikeB

Well, he is brilliant. Utterly reliable and sensible combined with huge knowledge and a commitment to animal welfare. Can’t do better. So, I trust him when he recommends giving 8-week-old kittens raw chicken and the bones. There are risks but the upside beats the downside for him. It is interesting that in this regard he goes against conventional or mainstream veterinary advice about feeding raw food to cats.

NOTE: I would NOT make raw chicken and bones a regular daily diet. Make it a twice a week treat or something like that. Certainly, a cat cannot live on raw chicken all the time as it is unbalanced. You’d need to add supplements and that’s a little complicated.

Seek your vet’s advice when you are next at the clinic and ask. Don’t rely on me or Dr Fogle (but he is damned good?). This page contains my opinion, my thoughts. Caveat: make sure that you store raw chicken properly at the right temperature and for the right maximum time and avoid cross-contamination to eliminate the risk of bacterial contamination. Read up on this through internet research please.

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