by Olivia
(Southern California)

Calypso was born in a litter of kittens, they all looked exactly alike. Black, soft, nice and cute. We got the cat, and it wasn’t until after a week we saw it had brown, we assumed the father was just brown or something. It also wasn’t until 2 3/4 of a year later I wanted another cat, and while looking for cat breeds online, something caught my eye!

York Chocolate appeared on the screen, and I clicked its link. Lyppso looked exactly like the York Chocolate breed.

Her personality, her looks, her long hairs between her toes, I had found out Lyppso was a York Chocolate! Lyypso is the perfect bug killer!

So if you live in a town with bugs, Yorks like Lyppyso are the perfect exterminator if you can’t handle flies, roaches, beetles, worms, centipedes, caterpillars, millipedes, you name it!

No more poisons or expensive sprays now! They also love attention. Every morning you will wake up with that cat snuggling with you, and every night as your about to go to sleep, there’s Lyppso comforting your feet or laying next to your face.

In fact, Lyppyso loves snuggling so much she will go up to my grumpy cat Jack while he is sleeping, and snuggle with that cat pal! I got to say, York Chocolates must be the greatest cats you can have, because Lyppso is just one big fuzzy warm ball of puffy yet silky fur, and warmth and kindness.

I love that little cocoa colored cat and I always will. If you plan on getting a York Chocolate, do it, because no matter what I guarantee you won’t regret it! After all, you have to love to live and live to love! Especially with Calypso around!


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Sep 25, 2011
by: Michael Hi Olivia. Thanks for visiting and writing about Calypso. A little word of warning. Calypso looks like a York Chocolate cat and he is a fantastic cat but even though he looks like the purebred York Chocolate it does not necessarily mean that he is a purebred York Chocolate.To be a cat of any specific cat breed, the cat will need to registered with a cat association and have a documented pedigree which is a parental lineage going back three years or so.

I am sorry if that is disappointing. It is not meant to be. But sometimes visitors remind me to tell people that so I have to!

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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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