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Camera Shy Cats — 15 Comments

    • Thanks Caitlin. I agree his camera shyness will fade. I love to photograph him 🙂 He is very photogenic. In fact the more I get the camera out the more he gets accustomed to it and so more pictures….I have some more. I will become very boring indeed, I’m afraid.

  1. Another lovely photo of the gorgeous Gabriel! You’ve done wonders with him Michael, to be sitting on your lap is such a breakthrough AND what’s more to lie on your lap on his back and purr is amazing. A cat exposing his underneath to you is showing how much he trusts you!
    I wouldn’t push too hard with the camera if he doesn’t like it, delightful as photos are I wouldn’t risk any setback.

    • Thank you Rudolph. It was a quickly taken snapshot with the iPhone. Because it doesn’t look like a camera with a lens, he seems to accept it a little better but still runs. He was in that position for about 3 seconds.

  2. Thousand thanks for sharing updates of your Gabriel.

    Do you know who he is?
    He is specially sent for you … An angel … GABRIEL … Specially made for Michael (The second helping angel).

    Just feel it with your spirit, Michael.
    I feel it <3 <3 <3 Love you Gabriel baby <3 <3 <3

    • Now let me give you a suggestion but it seems that a person like me who have insuffisient knowledge about the topic may keep silent instead because you are the master Phd type of cat lover. It is like showing a torch to the sun but here is my experience and try it if it works 😉

      When you put some toys on the ground where Gabriel is used to play, the favorite place. Put your iphone and camera with the toys, and some treats in your hand. let yourself stay 5 feet away and pretend that you are not watching him. he will come out from the hide and start touching the camera in curiosity. just watch with a bird’s eye.

      You know that a kitten is like human baby in the kittenhood? curious, anxious to learn? just do it for several days and then you will see the results. When the curiosity will vanish from his mind, He will have some beautiful snap shots with you and perhaps according to your own choice.

      thank you <3

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