Campus Kitty Banned

Wingate University put a sign up which said “Please Do Not Feed the Cat”, followed by, “We are trying to relocate the cat for his own safety”.

We are told that this cat is a very friendly, unneutered, ginger tabby-and-white cat. An absolutely gorgeous boy and it seems that people like and accept him. He is described as a lap cat who has no real home and would make an excellent companion. Apparently he is frightened of dogs.

‘Relocating’ him does not sound as if it will benefit his welfare and make him safer. He appears to be very safe and settled already. If they mean finding him a home, that’s fine but it sounds sinister to me.

He is a regular visitor to the University. A young female student said that she believed the cat was going to be transported to the Union County Animal Control as soon as possible. It may have happened already.

The parents of the student asked to find out what was going on in the meantime she was trying to find a local rescue that could take him in.

All feeding utensils and bowls have been taken up or are in the process of being taken up. Students have been told in no uncertain terms not to feed or interact with this cat.

The source of this article is a Facebook post by Laura Morrison who she asks readers to call 704-877-0916 if you are a rescue and can help or if you can provide additional information which may help.

Comment: as mentioned, this is not about the cat’s safety. It is about a politically correct approach to a cat on a university campus which the managers of the University think is a hazard to the students. I am sure this is what is behind the ban. They think he will spread disease and scratch students. No doubt the vice-chancellor is thinking about personal liability. I’d prefer a more enlightened approach.

He is very friendly as mentioned and in my honest opinion he should be left alone Why not? Just leave the situation alone. He is doing no harm. Alternatively try and find him a loving permanent home either informally or through a rescue center once ownership issues have been dealt with (he needs to be scanned for a microchip in the first place). If it is true that they are thinking about taking him to Animal Control he may well end up being euthanized. That would be a terrible outcome.

The story is in stark contrast to the University of Texas campus where stray and feral cats have been evident for a long time. They may have been on the campus for as long as the students have. They get to the campus from Waller Creek which serves as a highway.

The campus Environmental Health and Safety Department provides guidelines on how to deal with the feral cat colony. A volunteer organisation of staff and faculty called the ‘Campus Cat Coalition’ take responsibility for the care of the cats.

They feed the cats and help control the size of the cat colony. They try and catch the kittens to foster them out and then have them adopted. As for new cats arriving on campus they operate a TNR program.

A freshman, Marty Abell said that he frequently sees cats around campus.

“I pass by the cat on my way to class in the morning and back at night. I’m always happy to see them because I miss my cat at home and they remind me of her.”

The majority of the cats are feral. They are looked after. There’s no desire to ban them or get rid of them. This is in complete contrast to the University of Wingate who want to ban a cat who appears to be domesticated.

Surces: and Facebook

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  1. Maybe the president is a cat hater. What happens to peoples reason? Let the cat hang out and take care of him! Just get him fixed first. Sheesh…

    • I agree: “What happens to people’s reasons?” It is all illogical but I sense it is tied up to insurance, personal liability and political correctness.


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