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Can a cat lose the ability to purr? — 5 Comments

  1. Bentley update: I think he does purr, but at first I did not recognize it as such. When he’s feeling particularly relaxed, pleased, or affectionate, he starts to make a sort of soft wheezing, almost whistling sound. If you feel his throat or the back of his neck, it’s vibrating slightly. He also has a very soft meow, so maybe the purr matches the meow? Or I have the world’s first whistling cat.

    • Hi Margaret, I think Bentley proves that all domestic cats have their variations on the standard vocalizations. Some are more extreme than others. That applies to Bentley. I really like that. Their variability in sounds reflects the same thing for the human voice although cats have a wider range.

  2. Our MaMa cat Theo was adopted by me 11-yrs ago. I picked her up off the street, tucked her inside my coat since the weather was cold and carried her home. I’m not too sure how long she was on her own outside? Theo was about 4-months old then.
    she purrs and makes other winey sounds and grunts growls and is an epic snorer, but does not meow very often. When she does it’s for a good reason and comes out in a sort of pitiful whisper.

    Eva-I have heard of cats having trouble with their larynx.I chop up her meat and give it to her either broiled or from a can such as tuna or chicken.She is an older cat so I am not sure if her eating habits are related to a throat problem?
    FYI freepost:Eva

    Laryngeal Disease in Cats | petMD
    http://www.petmd.com › Cat Conditions
    In cats, the incidence of laryngeal disease is based on limited reports in the literature … Symptoms are directly related to the degree of impairment or restriction of … to the voice box (larynx), throat (pharynx), windpipe (trachea) and other organs …

  3. all cats r different. my Lex is a “stealth purrer”. he purrs, but u have to b really close to him to hear it. if he opens his mouth(yawning eating et al)u will hear him, but the kitties we fostered(& kept)& Blake, our other cat, purr quite loudly. u can hear THEM from across the room. another point, when i 1st got Lex, at 3mos old, he didnt meow much & when he did it was raspy & quiet. now hes VERY loud & meows all the time, but i hear thats a big ringtail thing. he swears he can speak like a human & we will go back n forth between his meows & my answers. so im sure ur big kitty is fine & that that is just how he is. sometimes i wish Lex was quieter like when we 1st got him…jk!

    • Thanks Ed. Nice information. You are the same as me when it comes to conversation with our cat. Lex has a better meow than my Gabriel. In fact my cat does not meow. He squeaks, barks and trills.

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