Can animal testing ever be justified?

Can animal testing ever be justified?

by Michael

Green glowing kitten with modified DNA - Photo copyright PA

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Green glowing kitten with modified DNA - Photo copyright PA

13th September 2011: I am just reading about the genetic modification of domestic cats in laboratories to help find treatments and vaccines for HIV (Aids) in humans and perhaps to help find treatments for animals, against feline aids (FIV).

Aids has killed 30 million people and FIV is a major cat disease. A treatment that is proactive and which prevents contracting feline aids would be very welcome.

The genetic modification included adding a marker gene (a jellyfish gene), which allows scientists to confirm that the protein that provides the resistance to FIV was being made. It means the cats glow green when ultraviolet light is shined on them.

It all sounds pretty gruesome to me, a bit Frankenstein-like.

But if the cats are not in pain and if they are not killed by the testing, is it alright?

Are there some occasions when animal testing is acceptable?

The potential rewards are high, clearly. It seems that the answer for some people is whether the cats will suffer pain and whether they will be "sacrificed" (killed after testing) to use a well worn scientific euphemism.

My personal view is that all animal testing is wrong. What do you think?

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Can animal testing ever be justified?

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Sep 14, 2011 Me too
by: Ruth

I agree too !

In this day and age of computer images and simulators and cell research there is never any need to experiment on living feeling creatures.

It all comes down to the same old .....animals are cheap and plentiful, alternatives are more costly.

The same experiments are done over and over again by numerous scientists desperate to be the first to discover a cure for a disease, animals are just the means to an end for those people.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Sep 13, 2011 Agree
by: Kitty Novich

I agree with you. Just looking at those glowing cats turns my stomach. What purpose could it possibly serve? Some call it a "necessary evil." I call it just "evil!" No excuse for animal testing!

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