Can anyone help me figure out what my cat’s breed is?

Can anyone help me figure out what my cat’s breed is?

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We found her on the streets when she was apx. 3 months old and she has been a blessing to our family... we have had her 2 years now... she is a fairly small cat with medium hair...

Her back is light gray with darker gray stripes and gray bushy tail. Her front paws have short socks right above her paw and the back legs have "boots" that go up to her upper leg.

Her under side into her neck are white and she has an upside down v coming to a point right between her eyes... she also had the tabby mark above her eyes.

With her temperament and her coloring and marking I thought she might be a Ragdoll. I consulted a Ragdoll breeder and she said she might be a mix of Ragdoll and something else.

I know I will never for sure her breed or breeds since she was a stray...but could someone give me any leads as to what breed she may be or breeds you could guess she is mixed with.

My email is Thank you in advance!

Hi there... thanks for visiting and asking. The truth is that there are lots of purebred mix cats around. These are one or two removed from the purebred.

Also most cats are random bred and some random bred cats look like purebred cats.

In a strict sense only a cat with a documented history (a pedigree) of purebred parents pursuant to the cat association's standards, can be called a purebred cat.

On that basis your cat will be a random bred cat or a purebred mix as you have stated.

That said, she is a lovely mackerel tabby and white, random bred cat. There are so many beautiful random bred (or mixed breed) cats around. They are as beautiful as purebreds and possibly healthier. Random bred cats can be shown at cat shows, incidentally and they are extremely attractive cats.

I cannot say what breed she looks like because I don't think that she looks like a particular breed except possibly the Ragdoll or RagaMuffin.

See: What Breed is My Cat?

Please don't be disappointed. All cats are equal and all are deserving of the same love and care.

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Can anyone help me figure out what my cat's breed is?

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May 08, 2010 A special cat
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi. You found her on the streets two years ago and since then she has been a blessing to your family. What more needs to be said? She has become a special cat to you and that is really all that matters. πŸ™‚

Finn Frode avatar

May 07, 2010 Your cat
by: Maggie Sharp

To me, it seems that your cat is, as Michael said, a mackeral tabby and white domestic long hair. I used to have a mackeral tabby and white domestic short hair named Wilson. They're not pedigree cats, so they technically don't have a breed, but there is absolutely nothing bad about that.

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