Can anyone tell me what breed my cat is?

by Katie
(Newcastle, UK)


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I got Elmo just over a year ago from a rescue centre when my previous cat was hit by a car and killed. I saw a couple of cats I liked but when they brought Elmo into the 'cat cuddling' room, he came straight over to be stroked and when I picked him up he began purring (and dribbling a little!) and I knew he was the right cat for me.

Elmo is a very friendly cat - likes cuddles and purrs and head butts me when it's breakfast time. If he's in the house when I get home I'm greeted at the door with more purring. He's a bit territorial when it comes to 'his' garden, but he is good friends with a cat who lives in our street - they shout for each other outside their cat flaps!

Since he was rescued as a stray, I don't really know much about his background or even what sort of cat he is. With the vet, we've guessed at his age at about 8 years. He looks a bit like a Maine Coon to me, but his fur isn't quite as long and his stomach fur is really tightly curled. The Tiffany cats on this page look the most like him that I've seen so far, but obviously he's a completely different colour!

He has a ruff around his neck and longer hair on his hind legs but his tail isn't as bushy as the Maine Coons I've seen on here. He also has short tufts of fur between his toes.

I'd be really interested to know if anyone can identify what sort of cat Elmo is.


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Can anyone tell me what breed my cat is?

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Aug 23, 2009
Can anyone tell me what breed my cat is?
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Your Elmo certainly is a strange mix, but a great looking one.
I agree that a lot of Maine Coon seems to have been involved, but I've never seen a curly semi-longhair before. The Devon and Cornish Rex breeds both have very short curly coats very different to this. It seems however the American La Perm and Selkirk Rex breeds are different as the page on 'Cat coats curly' describes, so maybe that's why.
Whatever it is, by adopting an eight year old cat you've gotten a cat with a personality - and a smart and loving one too. And that's what really matters. 🙂

Aug 21, 2009
Handsome boy cat
by: Michael (PoC Admin)

Elmo has a masculine face. He is definitely a boy cat. He is also very handsome with a purposeful gaze - a fine cat.

Elmo is almost certainly a mixed breed (or non purebred) cat. Most cats are. Before the cat fancy (cat breeders and people who show their cats) started all cats were non purebred except the natural undiscovered breeds who were purebred but there was no record of it.

Purebred cats have parentage records. It is or should be written down and documented so you would normally know if your cat was of a particular breed.

"Purebred mix" cats are also not uncommon. These are cats that are almost purebred cats and often look very similar to the breed concerned but are not purebred.

I agree that Elmo does look a bit like a Maine Coon. His face has that look and he is not bothered looking at the camera! Maine Coons tend to look longer at the person while lots of cats look away.

Thanks for sharing Katie, and I am pleased Elmo has found a good companion.

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