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Can Black Widows Kill Cats? — 1 Comment

  1. This is an informational article with great advice for cat owners so they can be aware of this danger to their pets. Maybe it will convince some owners not to let their pet out without supervision. You are the only one who sees it as a sympathy piece. What, you feel bad for the spiders? If the articles on this site make you sick why do you spend time reading and posting here? You are the one with an agenda, psycho cat hater. Get off this site if it bothers you so much asshole. Go hangout with your psycho cat hater buddies or try to be normal and get a life. The truth is you enjoy pissing cat people off, you have no life so you get a thrill from it. You are the one with an agenda, psycho cat hater. I bet you abuse animals too you sick, evil fuck. Get some help asshole, just not here. We do not care about you or your fucked up opinion stupid moron.

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