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  1. That’s a ridiculous stretch. Hybristophilia is not just an absence of fear, it’s sexual attraction… a perversion. People who like wild animals are not all aroused and want to marry the animal. Although there was a case in Florida about a man and his pit bull bitch dog, that is an exception that proves a perversion. One should be careful of spreading vile ideas because that’s just another step away from labeling other pet owners the same way, just because the animal bites or scratches, domesticated or not.

    • Disagree. There is an absolute sick attraction and perversion to want to keep wild dangerous animals and lie to yourself that you are so special that they’d never hurt or kill you. I have seen a few on camera interviews with some of these fools and there is definitely something stimulating to them. I hold the same candle up to people who keep dangerous dogs in that case there are reported cases where the ‘ relationship’ has crossed the line.
      Back to wild animals. If there is a spouse they are either eclipsed by the attraction to the wild animal or the whole relationship greatly resembles a threesome.
      I have watched this personally with certain horse owners and their stallions. It’s when you know it’s went beyond someone loving their pet with all their heart and a sick attachment to something dangerous.
      I seldom throw out an opinion like this. I’m 60 and have been involved with animals of all kinds.
      I am of course not including those individuals that take on native wildlife injured and unable to fend for themselves or actual wildlife rescues.

  2. Hybristophilia- Usually associated with women attracted to serial killers etc. IMO it should probably be expanded to include both sexes and the attraction to danger that puts their own lives in constant peril. Be it a wild animal, dangerous dog, horse or any situation than someone with a normal fear response would not engage in for any reason.

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