Can bobcats be orange?

Yes, the background color of the bobcat can be reddish or yellowish-brown which is effectively orange. It also varies to buff, brown, and light gray. Bobcats can also be all-black (melanistic) and all-white (albino but both are rare). When the coat is a normal colour (neither black nor white) it is streaked or spotted with black or dark brown which gives the coat a mottled appearance.

Bobcat (Lynx rufus) with parts of the background colour of their coat looking orange standing on a log. Photo: Unattributed. In public domain (deemed).
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The fur on the belly and inside the legs us white and marked with black or brown spots or bars. There are double digit reports of melanistic bobcats from Florida and a zoo in Texas kept an albino bobcat at one time.

Bobcat makes a long jump over the central section of a river look easy

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