Can bobcats kill you?

I also asked Google if a bobcat had ever killed anyone? If someone had been killed by a bobcat and it was reported Google would have found the record. There is no record of a bobcat killing a person. I have checked in an excellent and detailed book, Wild Cats Of The World, as well and there are no records of a bobcat killing a person of any age and fitness. That would seem to answer the question in the title but the question is theoretical.

Bobcat. Photo: by Zsuzsanna Tóth from Pixabay
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The fact is that the bobcat is a medium-sized wild cat. The average winter weight for male bobcats in northern Minnesota was 13 kilograms (28 pounds) in a survey of 1979. That’s not all that large. And typically bobcats eat hares and rabbits.

They do attack and kill white tail deer. Male white tail deers can weigh 68 kilograms in the summer. So this cat can be bold and effective in killing quite a large animal but these are deer. A pretty passive animal.

Bobcats don’t attack people normally. Like other wild cat species of a similar size, given the choice they steer clear of people. They might attack if they have rabies. A human would fight it off. But if the person was elderly, very frail and female it seems POSSIBLE that a bobcat could THEORETICALLY kill a person. So you might answer the question in the affirmative because the question is theoretical. It is not asking if bobcats have killed people. It is asking if bobcats can kill people.

If the person was extremely vulnerable the answer might be yes under very rare, even extraordinary circumstances. But to the best of my knowledge there are no records of it ever happening.


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