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Can Cats Be Gay? — 4 Comments

  1. I really hope this topic dies. Some psycho cat hater may want to use that as an excuse to harm a cat. Or one of the troll cat haters on here will use it for their soapbox that we should kill all gay cats.
    I think it could happen because there are still homophobes committing hate crimes against humans. It happened in my county about a month ago. And I live in the most progressive state in the US, not some backwater, ignorant place. A neo Nazi murdered an 18 year old gay man because he believed the gay man tried to kiss him. I would like the author to remove this article. We have enough evil psychos running around killing cats as it is, they do not need another reason.

  2. I dunno, cats prance on their toes, they’re fastidious about their appearance and they can be so bitchy! And my male cats are so gay for me… They’re gay I’m sorry they’re gay! I mean, I’m not sorry they’re gay. Oh forget it.

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