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  1. My 6 year old rescue cat from the flood in Houston a few years ago was diagnosed with lymphoma by my feline board certified vet about 6 months after he arrived. My 14 year old cat kept following him around with her nose sniffing his anus many times. I took him to a nearby vet to have his anal glands checked as that is what I suspected, but they were fine. I waited another month or so and the older cat continued to sniff when she could. I then took him to my board certified feline vet with the story and she,too, tried to express the glands, but nothing came out. She did bloodwork that I believe was then sent to Ohio State vet school,since they came up with the Feline
    Leukemia vaccine. It may have been sent to Texas A and M first and then on to Ohio, but the finding was lymphoma with very large number of white blood cells. He was put on two drugs on alternating days and over a period of 9 months and the count continued to decrease. He has been medicated 5 days a week for almost two years and is in total remission with all organ functions testing normal. So..my other cat was able to smell his cancer and was totally responsible for me following up with visits to two vets, one being feline board certified ,but she didn’t diagnose it. It was diagnosed at Ohio State vet school, my alma mater, so a happy ending for now and millions of thanks to my 15 year old feline who was the first one to detect it.

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