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Can cats get asthma from smoke? — 2 Comments

  1. My indoor/outdoor cat has developed asthma from neighbors burning wood to heat their homes. I use a hospital-grade air filtration system inside, but he (and I) are continually exposed outdoors; many days, even in summer months, even gardening is untenable. And more neighbors have recently outfitted their homes with wood burning stoves.

    My mother, who lives next door just died of lung cancer, having never smoked or using chemicals. It’s becoming kind of crazy. Any property I look at seems to have similar issues with smoke/ wood burners.
    I really don’t know what my options are. But my cat will face the consequences much sooner than anyone at this point.
    Having trouble posting..

    • Wow, I find your comment concerning. I presume that you live in America. Are there any laws about smoke pollution from wood burning fires in the US and/or where you live (local laws?)? It seems entirely wrong that both you and your cat have to put up with this health hazard. I will do some research on this and write an article if I think one is feasible. Thanks for commenting, Will.

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