Can cats get hiccups?

Can cats get hiccups?

Yes, here is one, just one cat hiccup that I managed to capture on video  – very exciting ;). It is clear to see because my cat is silhouetted in the video. Actually, the whole video is very dark! He is dark because the room was poorly lit and he is black. It actually helps to see the hiccup.

What are hiccups?

Hiccups are spasms. The spasm contracts the diaphragm, which is a sheet of muscle between the chest and abdomen,

A hiccup is an intake of breath followed by the closure of the vocal cords which stops it. This makes the hiccup sound. Although my cat made no sound. I felt his hiccups as he was lying across my legs.

What causes hiccups?

For a cat it is (a) eating too much to fast (b) swallowing too much air (c) excitement or emotional stress.

How long do they last?

Well, for my cat they lasted about ten hiccups. I didn’t have to resort to a fancy method to force him to stop. He stopped too soon as I wanted to keep filming him!

What does it prove?

Not much except that the cat has a diaphragm and the cat’s anatomy is quite similar to human anatomy. Oh…and my cat eats too much too fast.

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  1. I once told the boys they had middle aged spread and they answered in unison “Right back at you mother” so now I keep my own council 🙂 HIC!

  2. I loved the video, Charlie is so laid back and unconcerned at his dad videoing that solitary hiccup, you should put it on Facebook Michael I bet it would “go viral”. I love to see the effect of eating too much on greedy boys, it makes me laugh when Walter or Jozef burps or hiccups, they really couldn’t care less and would never think of begging anyone’s pardon

    • I told him he had hiccups and he just looked at me and hiccuped 😉 Silently. I told him he had middle-aged spread but he just looked at me again and hiccuped….

      At least I captured one! Just the one.

  3. lol – best video ever. Love it! One Cat Hiccup. Wouldn’t it be great if you got over one million views for that hiccup 🙂

    I get hiccups a few times in one day and then not again for months. Sometimes I get them a couple times over 2 weeks and then not again for ages.

    Weird things they are.

  4. I love that video, bless Charlie and his hiccup. Walt and Jo sometimes have hiccups when they’ve been a pair of greedy boyz lol
    Do you know how to get rid of hiccups yourself?
    If someone is with you, get them to keep asking you questions and every answer must be ‘Yes daddy’
    You can still do it alone, although I did feel a bit daft saying to myself ‘Are you OK Ruth?’ and then ‘Yes daddy’ it still worked but took a bit longer lol

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